6 Step Guide – Selling A Vacant House


Reason For Concern

You may be wondering about the scary stories concerning the house vacancy issue. Well for some, there may be good reasons for concern when you own a vacant house. But you have options, and there are solutions to help you eliminate the weight on your shoulders if you are dealing with a vacant property. You may ask, can I sell a vacant house. Yes you can and we have crafted 6 steps to help guide you through the process.


Tip 1.  Sell Fast

Selling a vacant house fast is critical. Liabilities of a vacant house can include:


  • Vandalism and Theft
  • Trespassing or Squatting
  • Weather Destruction
  • Neglecting Regular Maintenance
  • Water or Fire Damage


Tip 2.  Appraise & Estimate Repairs

Having an appraisal gives you credibility as a seller, and reduces the time taken to negotiate. Buyers who can see an appraisal will feel more comfortable with your selling price and, in-turn, with their offer price. Whether or not you plan to repair the house before you sell, make sure to get repair estimates from more than one source. Your “handy dandy cousin” may “know” what he is talking about, but believe us, ask for many different professional opinions it’ll save you time, money, and give you a step up when negotiating the sales price.


Tip 3.  Leave The Utilities On!

Papa, always said turn out the lights before you leave, but in this case leave the utilities on:

  • Keeping the utilities on will help prevent weather damage
  • If the utilities are off the buyers get the impression that the house needs more repairs than it actually does, for example, “Well, honey the lights or water don’t work, that’ll cost us.”
  • Keeping utilities on will also make it more comfortable for anyone seeing the house. It gets hot out here in the summer.


Tip 4.  Must Do’s If You’re Making Repairs

If you are the DIY-er type and want to fix up the house before sale, heed warning. First of all, you will have to spend time and money in the house, and if the repairs aren’t extremely effective you will more than likely be throwing your time and money out the window.


Also, if you do not complete all the repairs, make sure you disclose all the repairs needed. You could be found liable for problems you did not disclose, even in an as-is sale. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but make sure you measure twice and cut once.


Tip 5.  Stage The House

People are emotional creatures, make your house light, bright, charming, and if necessary bake some cookies. Everyone loves cookie things, particularly a cute house full of baked cookie smell.


Have enough furniture and décor to make the house looked lived in, this works wonders. Staging your house helps buyers see how each space can be used.


Tip 6.  Secure The House

Lock it up! To protect your house from intruders, make sure the house doesn’t look vacant. Here’s some tips:


  • Get automatic lights, it gets dark, they go on!
  • Get your neighbor to collect any miscellaneous items that end up on your door step, little kids are very good at this, and $5 goes a long way when you’re 12 years old.
  • Have your trustworthy “local country boy” neighbor who may or may not have a shotgun keep an eye on the house. Believe me this will give him something to do and he’ll like the authority you have bestowed upon him.
  • Or you could make it look like your house is full of people. Anyone remember the party scene from Home Alone?


You Could Do The Above – Or Call Big State

This is how we make our living, we buy houses in any condition. We have everything you need to make selling your house as simple as possible. We are here to help you in your selling, our caring process is what separates us from our competition.


To get a no risk, free quote from your friends at Big State, call us at 713-574-0570 or fill out our Quick Offer form, and we will have a quote to you within 24 hours.



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