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About Us 300x205 About Your Texas Home BuyersBig State Home Buyers, LLC is a multi-service company that buys, repairs, sells, and wholesales properties in Texas. Our team of Texas home buyers and other professionals has years of experience in helping sellers with fast home sales, and offering prime investment opportunities to a large network of real estate buyers.

Big State Home Buyers is an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. We value the relationships we have established over the years with sellers, investors, and the professionals who work tirelessly to assure successful transactions. We are headquartered in Houston, and are currently expanding to serve other metropolitan areas in Texas. Call us at 713-909-4119 to learn more about Big State Home Buyers.

Motivated sellers can count on our Texas home buyers to procure clear title, vacate the property, and overcome potential obstacles to the sale. Once an investment buyer commits to acquire the property, Big State seamlessly handles all the documents and details to assure a swift, hassle-free closing.

We are also a leading source for investors to purchase properties that have been pre-screened, objectively evaluated for repairs, and negotiated to the absolute best price. These homes are ready for immediate acquisition, and we take great pride in our professional analysis of the after repair value (ARV) and estimated cost to repair each property.

Big State Home Buyers – Core Values

Big State Home Buyers’ Core Values articulate what we stand for and guide our business practices. These values underpin our efforts, how we relate to each other, and the processes we employ to achieve our goals. In an ever-changing world, these values remain constant.


Big State Home Buyers is committed to understanding and communicating the truth; it is the cornerstone of all our endeavors. The relationships we have established over the years have been built on being honest with our clients; even when it’s hard – even at the risk of losing a sale. In an industry where it’s easy to make big promises, we pride ourselves on an ability to stick to the facts, and let the facts speak for themselves.


Big State Home Buyers has been honored to receive the A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau of Houston. We have earned this prestigious accreditation because we have built trust in the community with our tradition of professional, reliable, and effective service. We may not always be able to solve all our clients’ problems, but we can always be counted on to do the right thing.


The key to effective and productive working relationships is trust. The Big State team members take ownership of their work and take responsibility for the results. We admit our mistakes and do everything in our power to correct them. We use our intuition to help guide us through uncertainty, and we help each other make the best possible choices for the business and for our clients. Our perseverance means that we don’t quit until we know there is no more we can do.


Big State Home Buyers is an industry leader in understanding and identifying motivated sellers. We also work diligently to match up investors with properties that meet their individual criteria. Our team constantly seeks new ways to effectively serve our clients by keeping up with market trends, the economy, and construction costs.


Most businesses have competition. What sets apart the successful ones is a commitment to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. At Big State Home Buyers, we treat everyone with respect, whether they choose to do business with us or are just looking for information. We go the extra mile on behalf of our clients; recognizing that most of what we do is about finding workable solutions to their problems. Our Big State team understands that we have to work hard to earn your business.

Big State Home Buyers, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Big State does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.

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