Inheriting A House Without A Will: Survival Guide

Of all the issues our clients face, inheriting a house without a will is one of the hardest. We’ve covered this before here and there, but we wanted to return to this topic one more time to make it as crystal clear as we possibly can. If you’re selling your house without a will, consider…

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Property Ownership Issues That Concern Unmarried Couples

These days it seems an ever increasing number of young couples live together before they tie the knot, and many actually buy homes together without ever getting married at all. A pitfall we’ve seen a lot of unmarried couples get into is that they end up sharing property together, but they never plan for the relationship…

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5 Signs That You Need A New Roof

The roof of a house remains one of the most important “make it or break it” factors for prospective homeowners. Those interested in purchasing residential real estate or current homeowners considering selling a house must ensure the roof of the home is built to last, designed for the region’s weather, and will provide protection for…

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Is It Time To Downsize My House?

  For many Americans, a big beautiful house is the classic symbol of the American Dream. And down here in Texas, we like to say that Bigger is Better. But when is it time to scale down? When is less more? Here are some good reasons to downsize: 1. Empty Nest Particularly if you have…

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I’m Moving. Does Selling To An Investor Make Sense For Me?

A lot of people find that they have to move out of their house quickly, and they start researching selling their house to an investor. You may be wondering the same thing, so here’s our best advice for selling your house to an investor. Just as it would be if you were selling on the…

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Planning To Build A Deck: DIY or Hire a Pro?

A deck can be a great way to bring the indoors out. The right choice of wood for decks can be effective in visually anchoring the outdoor seating area. A good deck is one of the modern home designs that will not just rejuvenate your outdoor living space, but give your home a much needed…

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What Types Of Liens Affect The Sale of My House?


Big State Home Buyers works hard to educate people about liens, and we’ve offered plenty of advice on how to best deal with them. But now we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every existing type of lien that we know, and we’re unpacking how they might relate to the sale of your home, and tips…

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4 Last Minute Strategies On How To Stop Foreclosure

How Can You Stop Foreclosure Last Minute? Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments and need to know how to stop foreclosure? You might feel hopeless or powerless to the potential of losing your house. However, you might be able to save your house by using one of these 4 strategies to stop foreclosure…

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What Are The Foreclosure Laws And Procedures In Texas?

Calculating assets

A Lesson On Foreclosure Procedures From Big State Home Buyers Are you facing foreclosure, or looking for information to help someone who is? Many people struggle with foreclosure, so you’re not alone. Now, the laws and procedures for each state are different, but this is how foreclosure works in the state of Texas. Delinquency The…

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