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Get fast cash from a courteous, reputable team that will present you with a fair offer.

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Our in-house legal team can help you clear up liens, navigate inheritance issues, and more.

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We treat you with respect throughout your hassle-free transaction.

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Get answers to your questions with no obligation to buy.

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How can I sell my house fast?

Well if 15 minutes for a house sale seems fast to you, then you are in the right place! We will use our proprietary knowledge and software to determine the market value on your home and give you multiple offers the same day you contact us.

Even a home that doesn't have any problems might take a month to sell (the national median is 29 days; Houston's is 17 days). If your home does have any major problems you could be waiting a lot longer.

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Can you sell a property with a lien on it?

Selling a property with a lien on it is absolutely possible. We buy properties with liens on them every single day.

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Will Big State Home Buyers cover sell options with me?

Of course. We always start by giving you the best offer considering your situation and our experience. But we are a multi-faceted company. We can appeal to any of your needs. We've helped homeowners facing foreclosure and we've purchased mega-mansions. We've seen it all and are happy to offer plenty of options.

We're here to help, so bring your questions!


  • Big State Home Buyers

    I was absolutely amazed.

    Fast didn't even begin to cover it.

    I was skeptical, but I really did have a great offer in my hands in 15 minutes. I said yes and I had a check in 72 hours. Wow!

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    Luke J.
    Date Published : June 29, 2016
  • Big State Home Buyers

    They really do tell you everything.

    I appreciated the transparency.

    I admit it. I expected to be pressured into selling my house. Instead I sat down with professionals who discussed business options with me. They showed me the numbers and they left it at that. I really appreciated this, and the way they answered my questions. I think anyone who needs to sell their home fast should come to these guys.

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    Ray S.
    Date Published : June 29, 2016

Does Big State Home Buyers buy vacation homes?

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