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Get fast cash from a courteous, reputable team that will present you with a fair offer.

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Our in-house legal team can help you clear up liens, navigate inheritance issues, and more.

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We treat you with respect throughout your hassle-free transaction.

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Get answers to your questions with no obligation to buy.

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Do we buy houses for cash in Dallas?

Yes. We offer big money for your house. We're Texans providing opportunities for a quick, easy, house sale! In fact, we only pay in cash, which means you never have to worry about our offers falling through because the bank doesn't want to play ball.

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Do we buy houses in any condition?

Absolutely. In fact, that's one of the biggest benefits of working with a home investor: we buy homes 'as-is,' which means you don't have to spend a lot of time or money trying to get your property into top notch shape. While our offer may take the condition of your house into account, it will never stop the sale entirely.

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Do we buy houses with a lien?

We specialize in buying houses with liens on them. Not all Dallas home investors can say the same. We have an in-house legal team which allows us to solve any issue you may be facing. We'll get you cash for your house, and we'll help you get back on your feet again.


  • Big State Home Buyers

    These guys treat you with total respect.

    They helped me sell my home during my divorce.

    When my wife and I divorced, our settlement demanded the sale of our home. The problem is it needed a lot of work, and the legal fees had already drained us dry. Big State Home Buyers to the rescue. One very fast sale later I had the cash I needed to start my new life.

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    Thomas R.
    Date Published : June 29, 2016
  • Big State Home Buyers

    I had liens, they had answers.

    Big State Home Buyers was amazing.

    Three years ago I had my roof replaced. I paid the roofer, but they didn't pay the subcontractor. I just didn't have the extra thousands of dollars to clear up the lien. What I did have was a job offer in another state and a need to sell fast. The team at Big State Home Buyers was my lifeline.

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    Jay Steele
    Date Published : June 29, 2016

When it's smart to sell your home to an investor?

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  • October 7th, 2016
  • June 17, 2016