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Get fast cash from a courteous, reputable team that will present you with a fair offer.

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Our in-house legal team can help you clear up liens, navigate inheritance issues, and more.

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We treat you with respect throughout your hassle-free transaction.

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Get answers to your questions with no obligation to buy.

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Should I sell my house to an investor?

Many Texans have certainly chosen to do so. They sell to investors, instead of listing their house, for many reasons. Selling to an investor is quick, simple, and painless.

In many cases it's a better option, especially if you've inherited a home, are facing foreclosure, or are tired of being a landlord. In any of these cases, an investor can be the very person you need to solve a major problem.

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What steps are involved in selling your home to Big State Home Buyers?

After you connect with us either via web or phone, we will evaluate your home and give you options for sale. After we agree on the terms of sale, we sign the right papers, and we’re done.

It's that easy!

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What do I need to do when selling inherited property?

You need legal proof that you are the rightful heir. This could either mean obtaining a will or presenting an Hiership Affidavit.

We are experts when it comes to resolving the title problems that often come with an inheritance. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have inherited a Dallas home, or if you simply have questions. We're happy to talk, even if you don't sell with us.


  • Big State Home Buyers

    Big State made my short sale easy.

    I inherited a home with a mortgage.

    My blessing, my inheritance, could have become my curse. Fortunately, Big State was able to convince my deceased mother's bank that a short sale was in their best interests, too. I inherited money instead of inheriting an albatross around my neck.

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    Iris O.
    Date Published : June 29, 2016
  • Big State Home Buyers

    I didn't want to become a landlord.

    Big State Home Buyers gave me a better choice.

    When my uncle left me his home I should have been overjoyed, but I lived all the way across the country. I ran the numbers and realized that becoming a landlord wouldn't really help me. I was happy that Big State was able to turn my situation around as quickly as they did.

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    Tom B.
    Date Published : June 29, 2016

What can I do if I've inherited a home with a mortgage?

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  • June 27, 2016