How We Can Help With a Tired Landlord

  • Liquidate the property fast
  • Sell as-is without dealing with agents
  • Flexibility and sensitivity with current tenants
  • Close quickly if tax deadlines must be met

Often times, people take on the task of being landlord in order to make money, however they don’t realize that being a landlord is more like a full-time job. You become responsible for maintaining a property and also carefully managing a relationship with the tenants of that property. It takes a great amount of time and energy to be an effective landlord. There are many roles and responsibilities in which you must take over that are often not thoroughly thought through. The upkeep of the property, repairs, finding suitable tenants, collecting rent payments, evictions and many other issues that arise.

If you are a landlord that is tired of managing properties and are ready to sell to escape the stress that can sometimes accompany management and maintenance of properties, Big State Home Buyers can help provide a solution for you. Often times tired landlords are those who are tired of managing tenants, a city’s requirements, the upkeep associated with individual properties, needing to end a once solid investing partnership, and several other reasons.

Contact Big State Home Buyers and we can help liquidate a property fast, and also remain flexible to current tenants and your timeline of wanting to close.

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Our Simple Process:


Step 1

Submit your information for a no-obligation cash offer analysis.


Step 2

We will contact you to discuss your specific situation.


Step 3

We inspect the property and present a cash offer.


Step 4

If you accept, we close and you have the cash in hand. It’s that simple.

About Big State Home Buyers

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