3 Most Cost Effective Home Upgrades to Increase Value

This is a great time to be selling your home, no matter where you live and especially if you implement some cost effective home upgrades.

There are numerous upgrades and fixes that won’t cost you a ton of money, but are beneficial in the selling of your home.

Cost Effective Home Upgrades for Texas

Sellers who are looking for top dollar can definitely benefit from the top 3 most cost effective things to upgrade in your home to increase its value for sale.

#1: Paint The Rooms

Cost Effective Home Upgrades 1 paint the rooms One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room is a fresh coat of paint.

Not all interior rooms need to be painted. Sometimes all you need is to repaint 2-3 rooms, and use a Magic Eraser on the walls of the others.  Three of the most high-traffic rooms are the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, therefore they could benefit from a complete paint job.

Also ensure that the rooms are neutral-colored, as it attracts more buyers by letting them envision themselves in the home.

#2: Update The Bathroomscost effective bathroom upgrades to increase house value

Since the bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the home, keeping it clean and well-maintained is important in the sale of the home.

Installing new bathroom fixtures or upgrading such items as sinks, floors, or countertops, can make the bathroom more appealing.

…Even adding new toilets is a smart upgrade since it enhances the look of the home, but also makes it water-efficient…

Dominic Menard, Marketing Director of Backyard Outfitters, Inc.

update bathroom to increase home value houston#3: Upgrade The Kitchen

One of the biggest selling points to any home is the kitchen.

Begin with the most minor repairs such as the light fixtures, marks on the countertops, or even upgrading the cabinet hardware.

Next, try adding a pot rack.

This saves cabinet space by hanging your cookware overhead.  In addition, adding a kitchen island gives your kitchen beauty and value.  Also, don’t forget to brighten up your kitchen by giving personality to your old wood cabinets.  Instead of spending the money to buy new cabinets, just sand and paint the old ones…ta-da!!

Whatever improvements you decide to make to enhance the value of your home, make sure you remain in your budget.

Remember that even the smallest repairs can improve the value of your home for sale.

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