5 Office Wardrobe Must-Haves for Men and Women

Most people associate work clothes with them being outdated and boring and that doesn’t have to be the case. There are affordable timeless pieces everyone should have in their closet to look good and feel good! And if you feel good, you will do a better job! So here are 5 office wardrobe must-haves for men and women! 


Pencil Skirt

Every woman should have a nice fitted and flattering pencil skirt. I will make note that I will be saying the word “flattering” a lot. There are so many men and women out there that have the right pieces but the wrong fit! But anyways, a pencil skirt is necessary for those days when perhaps you have an important work meeting where you need to dress to impress. A tastefully fitted skirt, as opposed to pants, will elevate your work look just enough.


The office can get pretty cold sometimes and a cardigan is necessary. Cardigans are prefect to wear over most tops, whether it’s a buttoned up shirt or a simple dress up top. You can use a cardigan to put some pop of color into your work outfit!

Dress Pants

Just like with a pencil skirt, nice, fitted, tasteful and flattering are the key words. You can get them in neutral colors such as black, grey, charcoal, navy or khaki. You can exchange them all throughout the week and look professional.


Accresories are key to livening up your work outfits. Just because you’re wearing dress pants and bottoned up tops, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring! Necklaces, scarves and headbands will boost a typically lackluster work outfit real quick!

Boy Friend Jeans

Now I am specifically saying “boyfriend jeans” not only because they are on trend right now but also because I think they are the perfect fit to wear to work. You can wear them and stay a bit on the conservative side while being stylish at the same time. You could of course wear these on casual Fridays (which I hope your office does!).


Dress Shoes

Shoes are so important! Wearing a bad pair of shoes can ruin an outfit so fast! Every man needs a black and brown pair of shoes. Dress loafers specifically, are perfect to wear to work. You can dress them up with a suit and dress them down with a pair of jeans.


A nice fitted (preferably tailored) blazer is necessary in any mans closet. Its something one should have for…life and not just work. The color that you will get the most use out of is a navy colored one. You can wear it during the week with a pair of slacks or khakis or even on Fridays with a nice pair of jeans. A nice fitted blazer will not only heighten your look but also will be the most flattering and make you look the slimmest. As much as most men would hate to admit it, they definitely care about looking slim!


Jeans were mentioned in the blazer section and as much as Fridays are about the relaxed comfortable look, it doesn’t mean you have to look too comfortable! What I recommend to be able to get a pair of jeans that fits the best is to take a friend with you to help you pick a pair out. They need to fit your waist (no love handles), be slim through the leg and be the prefect length! No rips or tacky embellishments either! A nice dark wash will look more classic and professional.


The same case as with jeans, slacks or dress pants have to fit well. You can get them in many colors such as black, navy or khaki or pin striped. They can be interchanged through out the week!


A nice tie is a must! Wearing a tie with just a buttoned up shirt or a buttoned up shirt and a blazer is the perfect way to look more professional. If you have an important meeting where you have to dress to impress a tie is always a good way to step up your work outfit game!

There are other clothing options that I didnt highlight but if you make sure to have the ones that were mentioned, you should be good!

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