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When making repairs and updates to your house, it’s helpful to know the best home improvements to add value to your home. Did you know that some repairs can add value to your house, while others’ costs will never be recouped? Knowing what renovations to make and where to hold off can save you, and possibly even make you, thousands of dollars.

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As you can see by the data below, some of the repairs that have the best return deal with repairs made to the outside of the home. The reason this increases value is because buyers notice the outside of the home first. For example, replacing the entry way door is the first repair we see below that has a return of over 100%! Fiber cement siding replacement, another repair on the outside of the home, also consistently has a great return.

Other repair suggestions that have a high percentage of return value are kitchens and bathrooms. A minor kitchen remodel has a 95% return, while a major remodel yields an 84% return. For houses less than $200,000, it probably only makes sense to do a minor remodel, but an 84% yield is still a great return, especially for more expensive homes.

Areas Covered By Data Below


Middle Range Home Repairs


Upscale Range Home Repairs


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