Best Time To Sell Your House

If you ask any real estate expert when the best time (season) of the year is best to sell your home, they will all give you different answers. Truly there are advantages to selling your house at ANY time of the year. Whether its summer or winter, any time of the year is the best time to sell your house.

Advantages of Selling In Winter

One of the biggest advantages of selling your home in the winter is that there is less competition. Many people choose to not sell in the colder months because they are busy with the holidays. This means that whoever is looking is motivated to find a home since there isn’t much to choose from. Another benefit is the fact that you can take advantage of the holiday season by decorating your home. Tasteful Christmas/winter decorations can make your home seem more homey and warm, thus making it more appealing to potential buyers during showings!

Advantages of Selling In Spring

Spring is the season that most people say is the perfect time to sell. One of the advantages of selling in the spring is that there are plenty of buyers. Most families want to close on their new home and be settled in before its time for their kids to go back to school. The amazing thing that comes with spring is the amazing weather. This weather makes people more willing to go on walk throughs of houses and gives you a chance to spruce up the landscaping on the home you’re trying to sell. Kids are in school during the spring also so if you have lunch time or day time showings, there in no need to worry about having to get your kids out of the house.

Advantages of Selling In Summer

The biggest advantage of selling in the summer is that most people have gotten their tax refund back. This means more income towards a down payment for a house, simple as that. Same as spring; summer is a time when there are more motivated buyers because most want to be able to buy a house before school starts. The summer also brings longer days so that means there is better visibility and you can have showings later on in the day when the sun is still shining.

Advantages of Selling In Fall

Many people that buy in the fall are truly motivated because they want to be able to close before the year ends. The reason why is because that way they can relish in the tax advantages of home ownership in the current tax year. Same as with winter, there is less competition. Lower inventory means that your home will be in high demand and that which ever offers you get, will be serious.

So there you have it! Doesn’t really matter when you sell your home. There are advantages to selling all through the year. As long as your home has curb appeal, all necessary repairs have been made and it is priced reasonably, you should have no problem finding the right buyer!

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