Big State Home Buyers Review – LaQuita Testimonial of Selling Inherited House

In this video, Laquita discusses how she found Big State Home Buyers, how she chose us and what the process was like.

Laquita inherited a house in Houston along with her many siblings, and they simply wanted to sell the house and split the profit as soon as possible. None of her siblings wanted to fix up the house or pay to maintain it while it sat on the open market, so they called Big State Home Buyers to help them sell the property as quickly as possible.

Sonya accompanies her in this interview to explain how we help clear complicated title issues, and she describes what you can do if you have title issues when selling a house.

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  1. Benjamin Taylor on January 1, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    My husband has land for sell. One heir won’t sign.
    We have a buyer.