Big State Home Buyers Testimonial: Juanita Needed to Sell a House Quickly

sell my house in order to downsize - juanita review

After Juanita’s  kids had moved out, all she wanted to do downsize her house. She just didn’t want to deal with the maintenance an entire house requires by herself, especially several years after her late husband’s passing.

Juanita had the idea in her mind for a while, and then one day she overheard two women talking in a grocery store, one of which mentioned Big State Home Buyers! The woman in the grocery store was speaking positively about her experience with Big State. Juanita didn’t muster the time or courage to approach the woman at the store, but she did go home and search for the name online, and things moved forward smoothly from there.

Juanita called and spoke with a buying agent who asked her questions about her home, came to see the house and gave her a quote she was happy with. Juanita was SO happy she chose Big State Home Buyers to sell a house quickly!

Find out what else her and Spud have to say about their experience, and what advice they would give other future home sellers!

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