Big State Home Buyers Review: I Wanted to Sell My House After My Husband Passed

Big State Home Buyers Review: I Wanted to Sell My House After My Husband Passed

After Janeen’s husband passed away, she knew she wanted to move out of the house. However, the house needed repairs. She wanted to sell the house as-is, without the hassle of repairing it.

She heard about our competitors for years through commercials and billboards, and knew she needed more research.

Read Janeen’s story below!

Selling My House When My Husband Passed

I found you all online when I was looking for a way to sell my house on the internet. Over the years I had seen advertisements for some of your competitors, but I didn’t hear good things about them!

I felt impressed by the Big State Home Buyers reviews I found online. I saw both the Better Business Bureau rating and by all the testimonials on your website.

My husband passed away a while ago, and the house needs a lot of repairs. I knew that moving out of the house would be the best way for me to move on. Additionally, I knew I needed a new house without all the history and reminders. I didn’t want to repair the house, so I knew that selling to Big State Home Buyers would be a good option.

Deciding To Sell The House

When I was finally ready to do something about my house, I prayed for help and you were the first people that popped up! Then, I had such a good feeling when I met with the agent that I felt confident I was making the right decision.

Everything moved pretty quickly after that… Much faster than I was prepared for! But I was able to find a new place to live.

Big State Home Buyers did everything they said they were going to do. Everyone was really nice and I was grateful to be able to get help.

We are so grateful for Janeen and others like her who are willing to share their stories with readers like you (yes, you!) We buy houses that need work and that are in less than ideal condition, but many of the houses we buy are simply outdated or unwanted. Janeen’s story is not uncommon. In fact, inherited houses make up one of the biggest reasons people sell their houses to us. In these cases, the houses are usually in average condition, but the families simply want to move on from the house.

If you or someone you now inherited a house, contact us to answer your questions with no obligation.

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