How Do I Sell My Inherited House If My Sibling Doesn’t Want To?

It was a difficult time for Allen, Kathy and Richard. They had just lost their mother not long after their father passed away, and beyond grieving, they faced an all-too-common problem: siblings fighting over the house they inherited. “It all happened so fast,” Allen remembers, “And unfortunately, the right safeguards weren’t put into the will.…

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How Do Home Investors Help Houston Homeowners Recover from Harvey?

hurricane harvey recovery efforts

It’s hard to believe that just seven months ago, Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, damaging thousands of homes, leaving families distraught, devastated and unsure of what the future may hold. Houston in particular experienced massive devastation, but, true to the Texas way of life, the home investment community stepped up to help. They purchased flooded homes,…

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Home Buyers Make Perfect Partners For Those “Aging Out” Of A Home

aging out, inherited house, sell inherited house

  For most of us, our homes are a source of comfort and security. Over time, however, they can become a source of worry for aging homeowners. Routine maintenance and yardwork they once managed with ease begin to pile up, and seemingly small repair projects become overwhelming. Eventually, even a beloved family home can deteriorate…

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