Why Do We Buy Houses for Cash?

As home investors, we buy houses for cash.  Although it is part of our business to do so, to us buying your house is more than a real estate transaction. It is an opportunity to assist you in making the best possible decision during a potentially life-changing event. Selling a house isn’t easy. It’s a…

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I Want to Sell My Inherited House for Cash, But It Needs Major Repairs

“Can I sell my inherited house for cash as is?” This commonly asked question often arises after someone has inherited a home that needs lots of work. The answer is ‘yes’, it’s possible. Home investors buy houses in any condition, and many homeowners who sell to them do so for that very reason. Inheriting a…

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We Buy Houston Homes – Call Us Today

Houston, Texas, is the headquarters of Big State Home Buyers. We are the local expert in buying Houston homes. Our reputation is for solving the unsolvable, no matter how complicated title issues can be or in what condition the house is in. We extend our services well beyond Harris County and are eager to help…

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How to Spot a “Buy My House” Scam

avoid scams

Most people’s first contact with home investors comes from the cheap, flimsy signs amateur investors leave all over town. The ones that say, “We buy houses fast!” or “We buy houses, cash, any condition.” There’s nothing wrong with the signs themselves, of course. Marketing is marketing, whether it looks professional or not (though we still…

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Big State recognized no. 44 on Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 for 2018

Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 list, which celebrates Houston-based companies with impressive revenue growth, announced that Big State Home Buyers made the 44th position on the list. We’re honored to be included and feel this achievement reflects our commitment to providing quality service, creative solutions, and industry expertise to a growing number of homeowners every…

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Pros and cons of selling your house to a real estate investor

selling to a real estate investor

Many of you have probably seen the signs around town: “We Buy Houses CASH” or “We Buy Houses FAST.” But if you’re like most home sellers, this may be your first experience dealing with investors. Knowledge empowers good decisions, so here are the pros and cons of selling to a real estate investor. Pros of…

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What is a lien and can you sell a house with a lien on it?

Selling a house for most is already a complex process. When you want to sell a house with a lien on it, the process can become even more complex. The more you know about selling a house with a lien and the options available, the easier the home selling experience can be.  What is a…

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How do I sell my inherited house if my sibling doesn’t want to?

Big State Home Buyers can help in conflict resolution

It was a difficult time for Allen, Kathy and Richard. They had just lost their mother not long after their father passed away, and beyond grieving, they faced an all-too-common problem: siblings fighting over the house they inherited. “It all happened so fast,” Allen remembers, “And unfortunately, the right safeguards weren’t put into the will.…

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