Get Cash for Houses in Texas – 5 Steps in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas

Are you wondering how to get cash for houses in Texas? Depending on your situation, selling with a wholesaler might be something you’re considering but you’re still skeptical. If you were to decide to sell your house to Big State Home Buyers in Houston, Dallas or San Antonio, these are the steps you would take!

Call Big State Home Buyers

So you have decided to sell your home fast through a wholesaler and you have chosen Big State!  The first step you would take is to call us. During this call you would give our lead taker basic information such as your contact info, property information and what you would LIKE to get for your house.  At the end of the call, the lead taker would tell you that you would receive a call back in 24 or less from one of our agents to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Walk Through

The second step to this process would be that you would receive a call from one of our experienced agents to discuss your home a bit further, asses your situation and schedule a walk through of your property. The purpose of this walk through is for the agent to get a good idea of what your home is worth and be able to give you an offer based on the comps of your home.

Get Quote and Options

After the walk through the agent would do their research. They would research your area/neighborhood and see what homes similar to yours have sold for. Also, assuming you are selling your house “as-is” they would take any major repairs your house may need into consideration. After gathering all this information about your home and assessing your specific situation (reason for selling fast), the agent would make you an offer!

Accept or Decline

After receiving the offer you would either accept it or decline it. If you were to decline, Big State would follow up with you in the future to see if you were able to sell your house another way. If you were to accept (yay!), you would sign a contract.

Work On Title

As soon as you would sign your contract, our in house title staff would start the title work on your home. This means Big State would make sure that the selling of your home goes without ant hiccups and make sure that there is no one else that has claim over the home (depending on your situation). We have several additional articles regarding title issues. Additionally, click here to find out what you can do to research and resolve leins on your property. Don’t worry: if this is an issue with your house, we can help.

Get Cash

As soon as your home is sold you would get a check (cash) for your house! This whole process, if all goes smoothly, usually takes less than a month. Simple as that! Selling your Texas home through a wholesaler such as Big State gets rid of all the hassle that comes with traditional home selling.

All you have to do is call, accept an offer and boom! Done. So if you are looking to sell your Texas home fast, give us a call!

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