Cash For Houses Reviews – Big State Sold My House Fast!

cash for houses reviews - kathryn testimonialKathryn Hunter tried to sell her house with a real estate agent, and couldn’t. After seeing our cash for houses reviews, she gave us a call! She got a letter from Big State among other letters she had already received, and she got a great impression. Read her story below!

I found out about Big State Home Buyers because they sent me a letter. I had gotten other letters in the mail, but I called Big State because it seemed like they were more experienced people. I also went to your website and read some of the testimonials from your previous clients. I had the experience before with fixing up a house and renting it out, but I didn’t like being a landlord and dealing with tenants. I just didn’t want the responsibility.

I tried to go through a Realtor with this house, but it didn’t sell and I didn’t have any luck trying to sell it on my own. I had confidence that Big State could sell it.

My favorite part about the process was that Big State Home Buyers was very prompt in selling it. They worked along with the date they had set and they were very close to their estimated closing date.

They were very nice, I was treated very nice, and they gave me a very good understanding of what was going on. They were very friendly and they answered all my questions promptly and clearly. They were great to deal with.

We always recommend people work with real estate agents in the right situations, because many times, if you fix it up and work with an agent, you are more likely to earn to-dollar. However, many people either don’t want the hassle of a traditional sale, can’t afford to make repairs, or have other issues such as title problems that prevent them from easily selling the house. If you would like more information regarding the services we offer and how we might help, call (713) 909-4119.

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