Cheryl Needed To Downsize – Big State Home Buyers Review

After living in Kingwood for 25 years Cheryl decided she needed to downsize. In order to sell her house fast she contacted Big State and had a great experience! Read below to check out her testimonial!

After 25 years living in my home in Kingwood, I recently came to the decision that it was time to downsize and move closer to work and my daughter. Having been too busy to pay much attention, I was a little shocked to realize how dated my house had become and I knew it would be hard to sell it “as is”. Then, I received worse news: the house had foundation problems! That’s when I looked into selling it to one of those “we buy **** houses” companies. Even better than the ease of being able to sell the house without having to worry about repairing, replacing or renovating anything was finding out that the closing date could be very flexible. Rene Gonzalez was the Big State sales guy who came to my house to take a look. He was careful to explain the process and all of the options that Big State has to offer. He was very professional, friendly, laid back and easy to talk to. I am very verbal and I’m sure I talked his ear off but he seemed very patient and understanding. He was the main reason I chose to accept Big State’s offer despite having pending offers from other investors. He made me an offer that I felt was reasonable and let me know that Big State would allow me the time to find a house to buy (in a very tight market), even though it might take more than a few weeks. In all of his business dealings with me, Rene has been 100% honest and above board and everything he promised me has been true. I would not hesitate to recommend Big State / Rene to anyone I know who might find themselves in a similar situation.

In addition to working with Rene, I’ve also had the great pleasure of working with Darren Morris. When Rene heard I needed a realtor very quickly, he recommended that I talk to Darren to see if we were a good fit. Darren and I had a preliminary phone conversation and then began looking at houses together. Darren is awesome – he really listens to what I have to say, helps me narrow down my prospects, and tries to keep me optimistic. He has been very responsive to my needs and constant demands, way beyond the call of duty. I don’t particularly enjoy the house buying process but Darren has made it as pleasant as possible, and his cheerful demeanor is contagious. He knows the real estate market and gives great advice. I also would not hesitate to recommend Darren to others who might be looking for a realtor.

Big State truly has a couple of stars in Rene and Darren. I will walk away from this experience with nothing but positive thoughts.

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