Big State Team Joins Community Service Efforts in Houston for Homeowners After Hurricane Harvey

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The Big State Home Buyers team proactively helps our Houston area community by solving many problems for homeowners dealing with difficult situations. Hurricane Harvey created more problems in our city than we could have imagined. Four months after the storm devastated our city, many homeowners are still in need of help to clean up their homes. This recovery effort is a large motivation to do whatever is needed to lend a helping hand in January.

Helping Houston Homeowners Heal

Big State Home Buyers, “Big Heart, Big State” community outreach initiatives started 2018 with helping Hurricane Harvey victims. As a business, Big State helps Houston-area homeowners sell their inherited house, sell a house with liens, sell a flooded house and more – so helping homeowners affected by Harvey’s floods was second-nature for this leading home selling company.

Brian Spitz, and his Big State team members worked with local Christian radio station KSBJ who partnered with Relief List, an organization that provides a list of homeowners in need of assistance after Hurricane Harvey so volunteers can help. The Big State team served a local Houston area, Meyerland homeowner. The homeowner is a senior woman whose house was affected by the high floods. Big State Home Buyers did not hesitate to step in and help. In the chilling 35 degree morning hours, Big State associates arrived with rakes, mowers, blowers, clippers, trash bags, and other equipment to help get the homeowner back on her feet.

The Big State team helped the homeowner restore her house by power washing, trimming hedges, clipping trees, fence repair, lock repair, clearing away trash and debris, mowing overgrown grass, edging, and other efforts to ensure the house’s exterior met the standards required by community management. Big State confirms this is just the first of many efforts to help the Houston area community recover. There’s no denying that the Big State Home Buyers team truly do have Big Hearts!

Big State Home Buyers ensured this homeowner affected by Hurricane Harvey had overgrown trees, shrubs, and hedges clipped and cleared.

Brian Spitz, the president of  State State Home Buyers, joined in the clean up efforts by power washing mildew left by Hurricane Harvey’s mud and water damage.

Big State Home Buyers associates cleared the property of all broken limbs, drift wood, trash, broken glass, and other debris.

Big State Home Buyers finished the day making sure the homeowner affected by Hurricane Harvey’s destruction had a newly restored home and renewed sense of hope.


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