Detailed Testimonial Review of Big State Home Buyers: Selling After Divorce

The following testimonial is written by Michael Adams, who needed to sell his house fast after going through a divorce and making several other life changes. Michael knew the market and did a lot of research before he sold his house, so his story has a unique perspective of the market, and of the other home buying companies he tried to work with before he met with Big State. Read his story below!

Why I Wanted to Sell My House to an Investor

There was two reasons. The first is that I did as much as I could do. I put $15,000 dollars into the house and I got tired of messing with it. I waited patiently and paid down the principle, and I knew I’d eventually take a loss. I really didn’t want to pay attention to it because I was in the process of fixing up another house because I was going through a divorce, so I just wanted to move on to the next house. I didn’t want to borrow money to fix it up and sell it for the full price. I just wanted it off my hands.

I was more interested in creating a new life than I was in trying to repair the past. The divorce didn’t have a huge impact, but it was something that contributed to all the change in my life.

During The Appointments

I am always expecting to be taken advantage of. The first guy I had come out to the house underbid substantially, and he really piled on the salesmanship. He grossly underpriced me, and even gave me a story about his family and how he needed money.

The second home buyer I called was family owned, but he also offered just a little under what I wanted.

Then I met with Rene from Big State Home Buyers, and he was nice and personable. He definitely understood the market himself, and I knew I would have a better chance at negotiating with him. I was very firm with all of the sales people, and I felt like Rene understood what I wanted.

Rene understood the math, and he communicated with me in such a straightforward professional way. He appreciated it when I negotiated with him, and I pinned him against the other buyers.

It was such a smooth, cool process. I sent everything in by email. The closing was smooth and fast with very few adjustments.

But wait, there’s more!

Big State Home Buyers Kept Their Word

What excited me about Rene: He represented your company. I had previously tried to sell it six months earlier. I got a postcard, a girl came over and I talked to her eye to eye. I had the house for sale for $125k and we talked about it. She said she was going to make some improvements to the house and then she was going to sell it. I told her not to sell it as-is on the open market because it needed work. But nobody ever got back to me. I went online to look for it, and she had it for sale online for $145,000! I contacted her and I said, “This is not what you told me”. She wouldn’t answer my calls, and I finally got a hold of someone at the company and said I wanted OUT of the contract since they were not doing what I told them I wanted them to do.

I told Rene about all this and he said, “Yeah. Some people do that”. It was a total misrepresentation. She lied to me. She put it up for sale without telling me. People could have been coming to my house to view it, and I had no idea!

That’s why I was so grateful to work with someone who was straight with me.

What Would I Tell Other People to Do if They Need to Sell Their House Quickly

If I met someone in a similar situation I would ask the person to assess his or her own situation.

  • How much do you owe?
  • Can you take a loss?
  • What is your ultimate goal?

Make sure you feel good with who ever you talk to. Make sure you understand the market conditions. Know who the players are. Don’t take the first internet search, make a deal and sign. Do some research and analysis. Zillow was really helpful, not as a 100% true guide, but it did give me a range as a homeowner what the market may or may not bear. If you don’t have access to real estate data, Zillow is a fantastic tool.

What was really important to me, and makes me still feel good: Rene’s second email to 3-4 people in the organization introduced them to me. They had excellent follow-up emails, and everything was ready when I went there to the closing email. The internal organization that you have is really cool. Not only are the sales people good, but your internal managers are trained well, and are responsive.

I wold definitely recommend Big State Home Buyers if you need to sell your hous fast!

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