Elise Johnston Testimonial: I Can Finally Move On!

When Elise needed to sell her home fast without doing any repairs, she had a few people come look at the house. After a few weeks of meeting people and getting quotes, she wasn’t happy with anyone she talked to and had almost decided to give up on her search for a home buyer until her neighbor stepped in an suggested she do some research on Craig’s List. Read her story to find out what happened next!

By: Elise Johnston

sell my house fast testimonialI was ready to sell my house fast and someone suggested I look for people on Craig’s List and I got hooked up with you. I don’t remember the ad, but my neighbor was the one that found you all. I had shown the house a ton, and almost just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

The house had some problems. The woman who sold me the house initially said there was lifetime warranty on the foundation, but it turns out the foundation company was a fly by night company, and they were long gone. I’ve had bad luck with contractors in general, so I didn’t want to deal with fixing the house up at all.

There were so many other people who had looked at the house. One man made actually made a significantly higher offer, but he wasn’t very nice to me and I got a bad feeling about it. After I called Big State Home Buyers, Richard from Big State came over to look at the house, and he was no nice and sweet. I go with my gut, and he was the nicest person to deal with.

In hindsight, I am really glad I decided to do business with you because there ended up being some liens on the house I didn’t know about. Big State was able to help clear up the liens and close on the house. I had 3 liens, and the third one was very hard to remove. I don’t think another company would have been so patient with getting rid of the liens. Richard kept telling me, “I know it seems impossible, but this is going to go through”. And it did.

The only reason I kept the house all those years was for my son, and now that we have gone our separate ways we each live in our own nice apartments. At the time we bought the house, it was supposed to be our starter house. We were supposed to live there 2 or 3 years, but we ended up getting a divorce and moving our separate ways. I wanted to keep something the same in my son’s life, which is another reason we decided to keep the house.

All I can say is that I am glad it is over.  Everything turned out great, and I feel free and like I can move on.

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