Selling a House for Cash in Houston: Stephanie Testimonial’s Why She Chose Big State Home Buyers Over Competitors!

Young woman holding keyIf you’re selling a house for cash in Houston or Texas, it sure helps to hear from other folks about their experiences. Of course, we have a lot of happy home sellers at Big State Home Buyers. Every once in a while we bother someone to answer a few questions about their experience of selling a house for cash with us. So we’d like you to hear from Stephanie. She recently got cash for her house in Houston with Big State Home Buyers. Thanks to Stephanie for her time, and for sharing her experience!

How did you find out about Big State Home Buyers?

I first called a nationally known home buying company because I was familiar with them, and I got a quote that I wasn’t happy with. Coincidentally, the same day I called them, I got a postcard from Big State Home Buyers and decided to give them a call.

What happened after you called about selling your house for cash?

When I called, I talked to Darren, and as he was looking at the house online he decided he couldn’t give a quote on the phone. He really needed to see the property to walk through it (at my convenience). It took about 15 minutes and he crunched some numbers a couple hours after meeting. His offer was $20,000 higher than the national home buying company!

I was the executor of the estate, but I chose to run everything by my siblings to make sure we were on the same page. After Darren left, even my brother had a good feeling about him. Having my brother give me that affirmation made me feel really good.

Darren was really accurate about what was good and bad about the house. He told me what was valuable, and he didn’t beat around the bush. He put everything on the table. What you see is what you get. Full disclosure.

When he saw cracks in the driveway, he didn’t assume it was foundation. He actually even asked me if there had been an old tree near the area previously, and I confirmed that there was! He was really well rounded in his knowledge, which impressed me. I had no idea how much education would be behind his proposal.

Darren was not aggressive at all, which I really appreciated. It helped me to trust him.

What happened after you accepted the offer?

I decided to go under contract. Darren knew what we were looking for, and I asked if we could raise the price of the house to improve my margin. After talking to his team, they decided they could raise the price and see if we got any offers, but then the highest offer didn’t meet the higher price. I really appreciated that he worked with me, though, and that he was willing to look for a higher offer if I wanted to take the time to wait a little longer. I decide to sell at the lower offer rather than pay the holding costs of the house another month.

Did You Encounter Any Issues Trying to Sell the House?

At one time, I really wanted things to pick up. The title company was asking me things that seemed irrelevant (I would know, as I work for a mortgage company). Darren heard me and took care of the situation. He had great people skills and really put me at ease. He was very laid back, but he got business done. Despite the delay, we still sold the house in less than three weeks.

We are very happy that we went this way. The only complaint I had was that it took a little over two weeks rather than 10 days, but that had more to do with some title company hang ups out of our control. Even the issues that came up were a collaborative effort.

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