The selling experience can be an emotional one. We can guide you through it.


How We Can Help With a Foreclosure

  • Can often stop foreclosure
  • Use proceeds to catch up on taxes and pay off mortgage
  • Avoid negative impact on credit or further debt
  • Assist in applying for a loan modification
  • Assist in suing lender

If you are searching for how to stop foreclosure after falling behind on mortgage payments, you may feel powerless or down in the dumps. Big State Home Buyers can help you with a few last minute strategies to avoid or delay foreclosure.

We can aid in applying for a loan modification, taking legal action against a lender, using proceeds to help pay off a mortgage and much more when it comes to avoiding a foreclosure.

A few best practices on how stop or delay or foreclosure include filing bankruptcy. When this occurs, a court will issue an order containing an “automatic stay” that halts a foreclosure. Applying for a loan modification is another method that can be used. Depending on if the modification received approval, it can be stopped as long as payments continue to be made. Another way to stop a foreclosure is to sue your lender if they are attempting to close outside of proper judicial practices.

Big State Home Buyers has connections with the city of Houston that enable us to put foreclosures to a halt in specific scenarios that cost you nothing.

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