How to Get Cash for My House | Tips From Houston Home Buyers

Are you wondering “how to get cash for my house”? If you need cash for your house, you are probably in a unique situation. You might have inherited a house, or have a house in disrepair. Maybe you just need to move as quickly as possible and do not want to fix up the house to sell it through traditional methods.

If you need cash for your house, there are several steps you can take and several things you might want to know about the process.

 Steps to Get Cash for a House

  1. Contact a real estate agent – in some cases, there are real estate agents who specialize in selling properties in disrepair. Keep in mind that this may not be the best option since there are usually additional fees associated with selling traditionally.
  2. Contact an investor – look for a reputable home investing company in your area. An internet search will reveal your local options (consider typing your city or town in along with your inquiry). While many investors only “buy houses fast”, some companies, such as Big State Home Buyers, have additional selling options that are a hybrid of the traditional method and a quick cash offer. For example, a Net Listing allows Big State to cast your property to a wider audience. While this option can take a little longer than our simple quick cash offer, it is a popular option at Big State because yields a higher price for home sellers.
  3. Attempt to sell the house yourself – You can try to sell your house yourself, other wise known as FSBO.

 Things You Should Know About Getting Cash for a House

  1. IMG_2745-300x254When focusing on getting a cash offer for the house, remember that cash deals are often done at a discount – if you need to sell quickly for cash, it will be difficult to get a full price offer in most areas.
  2. When you sell to an investor, be aware that they pay a discounted price for the house and will not be able to provide a full price offer. The benefit to this is that they purchase houses as-is, and often can close much more quickly than a traditional sale, often in less than a month. Investors simplify the selling process, and will find a buyer quickly for the house. There are also no hidden fees or agent commissions, so in cases where houses cannot be sold for full price, selling to an investor is often the best method.
  3. In some parts of Houston, like the Houston Heights in 2014, it can be much easier to get full price for a cash offer on your house! Houston housing inventory is low and demand is high, so buyers are anxious and move quickly.  It isn’t uncommon to receive several offers on one house in a short amount of time, increasing your potential for a cash offer if you live in a desirable neighborhood.

As you can see, it is possible to obtain a cash for your house, but it will often involve a unique set of circumstances. If you need cash for your house and need to sell quickly, contact us for a no obligation assessment and cash offer on your home!

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