Why You Should Get an Inspection Before Selling a Houston House Fast

Do you know why you should get an inspection before selling a Houston house fast? In this video, I talk about home inspections with Travis Kepp and why he recommends getting your home inspected before putting it on the market.

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Inspector Ethics

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Brian:         Good morning. This is Brian Spitz, with Big State Home Buyers. And today we’re going to talk about the importance of home inspections and various questions that you might be interested in addressing about getting your home inspected or buying a home.

And today we have Travis Kepp with Southern Star Inspections, so thanks very much for coming to be with us on this podcast.

Travis:       Thank you very much for having me. I appreciate it.

(0:00:53.3) , Travis’ Background

Brian:         So tell us a little bit about what you do and how long you’ve been in the inspection business.

Travis:       Well, I’m a professional home inspector for the state of Texas. TREC licensed. I’ve been in business now for about a year. My background is building houses. I was a project manager for a huge builder in the Houston area for about six years before I opened up my own business.

Brian:         Okay.

Travis:       Just been into construction throughout my whole life and I thought it was a no-brainer when I wanted to have my own business.

Brian:         So how do you like it?

Travis:       I love it. I love it. I love seeing people purchase their dream home and be able to explain some things to help them along the way, especially new home buyers. Helping them understand their homes, so.

(0:01:32.1) Inspection before house on market

Brian:         Travis, one of the things I wanted to talk about is getting an inspection before you put a house on the market. A lot of times, people just wait until they’re selling and keep their fingers crossed until the buyer gets their inspection, but you have a different recommendation.

Travis:       Yes. I feel that it’s almost as important to have an inspection done before listing your home. A lot of times, sellers and realtors find that it’s a lot smoother process when they do so. It shows the potential buyer that you’re being transparent. You’re not trying to hide anything.

Most of the time that you have an inspection done on your house before you list it, you can be aware of any type of potential dangers in your home that you weren’t aware of before, that you can get settled and fixed before you even put it on the market.

I think having that, showing the report to a potential buyer, showing them the receipts that you’ve had it repaired by licensed contractors, shows that buyer that you really want to move along.

And obviously, it helps the buyer know that they’re not having to then go through the process of having their own inspection done. Nowadays, in the Houston market, it’s a very quick turnaround sometimes with these houses, with the ten-day, sometimes 7-day contracts that are put on houses. It’s really a hard time for an inspector to get in there and do a real thorough inspection. But if you put it on there before, I think it’s just something that’s not done very often but I think it really helps the process if you want to sell quickly.

Brian:         Yeah, and we do that at Big State Home Buyers. When we fix a house up and put it on the market, I want to know beforehand did everything come out okay. What are we looking at? Help me decide what we’re going to fix and what maybe is not so important, which is a topic I’d like to cover in a few minutes.

But do you recommend that the buyer then go get their own inspection, for their own piece of mind?

Travis:       They can. Obviously, at that point, they know that an inspection’s already done but there are going to be some people that still want to have the peace of mind and get their own inspection.

Brian:         Sure.

(0:03:30.9) Inspector Credentials

Travis:       Anytime that an inspection’s done in Texas, it has to be done by a licensed TREC inspector here in the state of Texas, so a lot of times, the inspection report will have that inspector’s name and TREC license number on there, to where the potential buyer can do their research and look into that inspector that did the seller’s inspection and see if everything is on the up-and-up. And then they maybe make a choice if they like at that point.

I think at that point, it’s just a peace of mind, if they sleep easier at night knowing that they had their own, it still can be done.

Brian:         Okay. And that’s a good point, actually. I didn’t think about that. I guess the buyer can always go back and research the person who did the inspection.

Travis:       For sure, yeah. You can go into the TREC website. I believe it’s TexasRealEstateCommission.com and you can type in Inspectors and then you can look them up by last name or by the actual license number.

So you can see if they’re still in good standing with the state. You can check any kind of certifications and things and that way you know that maybe that inspector has done a good job.

(0:04:30.0) Who is the Client?

And also, a licensed inspector does the inspection for the client. That is their property, as far as their inspection report. If the potential buyer were to ask the seller, do you mind if I contact your inspector, and the inspector knows that it’s okay, they’re allowed to talk and they can ask any questions that they like and answer the questions, too.

It just shows it should be an open book showing we’re ready to sell and we’re not hiding anything. We’ve done everything we’ve done to try and get you ready to move into your next dream home.

I think it’s just a little bit of an untapped market. A lot of sellers and a lot of realtors don’t really even bring it up probably to their listing clients.

Brian:         That’s interesting. And that actually brings up another point. So, yes, if you inspect my house before I put it on the market, then I’m your client.

Travis:       Uh-hmm.


Inspector Ethics

Brian:         But the inspection is completely unbiased, so I’m not going to ask you to, a client might say can you leave this off the report, you know, can we not look at that.

Travis:       You’re exactly right. That should not go on, to be honest with you. A TREC licensed inspector follows what’s called the TREC Standards of Practice. It’s at the very minimum inspection. So every inspector should be inspecting the same way.

Texas is probably one of the hardest states to become an inspector because of their rules and regulations and the way that they expect their houses to be inspected. So, yes, there is no, “hey, let’s leave this off.” Well, there shouldn’t be “let’s leave this off, let’s overlook this.”

Brian:         Right.

Travis:       “Hey, I’m going to go ahead and cover this up maybe.” No. Every inspection report should be done the same. We inspect, our reports are all on the same format, starting with the actual structure, moving on down to basically the other appliances and things like that.

So every inspection should be done the same and, like I said, if the seller is very transparent, and let’s the potential buyer call the inspector, I personally would not have any problems answering any questions, as long as I know that my client gave the okay.

Brian:         Right. And, again, they can always ask you to go back and take a second look at one or two items, just to clarify for them.

Travis:       And see if they’ve been repaired or what not?

Brian:         Right.

Travis:       For sure. Yeah, I can see that they, you know, obviously, keeping receipts. Always suggest having your items repaired, whatever they may be, by a licensed contractor. And do the same that you do when you’re looking for an inspector.

I get calls from people just wanting to ask what my background is and basically, my licenses and things like that. Do the same with contractors. Call around and get a good feel for who you want to use. Ask for referrals and things like that. Any time you have those things fixed, the inspector can come back and say, yeah, this was done correctly or, hey, this needs to be done a little bit different.

Brian:         Right. Very good. So you can reach Travis at www.SouthernStarInspections.com.

Travis:       That’s correct.

Brian:         And again, that’s SouthernStarInspections.com and it’s Travis Kepp. So thank you very much for this information. I appreciate you talking with us today.

Travis:       Thank you, Brian, for having me. I really appreciate it.

Brian:         Sure.

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