Home Buyers Make Perfect Partners For Those “Aging Out” Of A Home

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For most of us, our homes are a source of comfort and security. Over time, however, they can become a source of worry for aging homeowners. Routine maintenance and yardwork they once managed with ease begin to pile up, and seemingly small repair projects become overwhelming. Eventually, even a beloved family home can deteriorate into an environment where aging adults feel vulnerable. According to Brian Spitz, President of Big State Home Buyers, when older homeowners “age out” of a home or elect to downsize, more and more are choosing to sell direct to professional real estate investors.

Aging Out Of Homes For A Variety Of Reasons

Americans “age out” of homes for a variety of reasons: they may no longer feel confident living alone; they may be ready to relinquish the tedious tasks associated with home ownership; or they may be seeking a different environment for their twilight years. Spitz explained that Hurricane Harvey also prompted many aging homeowners, who felt particularly at risk during Houston’s unprecedented flooding, to consider selling sooner than they might have otherwise planned.

“Harvey was a wakeup call for many longtime Houston homeowners. Imagine being alone in your house, perhaps not as mobile as you once were, and flood waters rush in at an unprecedented pace. That frightening scenario became a reality for countless aging Houstonians,” Spitz said. “As a result, we’ve heard from many older homeowners who realize it’s time to sell and move closer to loved ones, or into communities equipped to support aging adults. For other retirees and empty nesters, Harvey has accelerated plans to downsize or relocate from Houston.”

When aging homeowners and their families make the decision to sell, they typically want to sell their home “as-is” rather than invest in costly updates and repairs. And because these sellers want to act quickly and be able plan effectively for their next move, they are often looking for price certainty and a firm closing date. Unfortunately, these certainties aren’t available on the open market. When listed with a traditional agent, an as-is house may sit for months, delaying a move because the right buyer doesn’t turn up.

Even now, post-Harvey, Houston is a buyer’s market. With a large number of homes currently listed for sale and new listings popping up on the market every day, owners of flooded properties are taking the time needed to work through the insurance claims process and repair damage to their existing homes before making the decision to buy a new home.

Finding A Trustful Partner To Sell A Home Due To Aging Out

With so much uncertainty, selling to a professional home buyer can be a great alternative for anyone “aging out” of a home and eager to move. Reputable home buying companies, like Big State Home Buyers, are professional real estate investors with extensive experience buying houses. They can quickly assess the true value of a property, make a firm and fair cash offer, and close within the seller’s schedule. Professional real estate investors with title expertise can also help unwind lingering estate issues that might otherwise keep homeowners from selling quickly. And professional home buyers are a preferred real estate partner for aging homeowners, because they are never scared away by a home’s condition – they are willing to invest, even if the home is outdated or needs repairs.

“At Big State Home Buyers, we’re not afraid to buy someone’s problem,” Spitz said. “In some cases, that means we will buy a house in a severe state of disrepair, but it also means we will partner with sellers to sort through the complex issues associated with their property. We can help clear title, resolve probate issues, negotiate with lien holders and address any outstanding items with attorneys or even Medicaid, so sellers can move forward quickly and conveniently.”

When a home is no longer a place of comfort, security and joy, aging homeowners and their families should explore every option available to them. Traditional realtors seldom have the resources and experience to resolve common estate issues nor the desire to handle homes that are far from move-in ready. Professional home buyers can be an excellent source of information, and possibly the perfect partner for aging homeowners looking for speed and convenience. Be cautious though – any home buying company can make an offer and write a contract, but not all can get to closing. Choose a qualified buyer or agent who will partner with you and your family and keep your interests front of mind throughout the entire process. For more information or to explore selling your home as-is today, contact Big State Home Buyers.


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