Home Maintenance Tips for Your Houston Home

Home Maintenance Tips for Your Houston Home

Living in Houston is great – especially when there is nothing wrong with your home.

But when an air conditioning unit goes on the fritz…

Or you have a leak in your roof or other home maintenance issue develops…

Suddenly life takes a dramatic turn.

Many people are looking for home maintenance tips in the Houston area that are easy and cost effective. Since we agree with the philosophy of reducing the hassle, stress and expense of repairing issues by performing routine maintenance from time to time, here are a few simply tips for keeping our Houston homes in tip top shape year round.

Simple Home Maintenance Tips

Replace All HVAC Filters Twice Per Year

Whether it’s the filters of your heating units or the air conditioning units, one of the easiest things any home owner can do is to replace the filters attached to these units and air ducts in your home. It can get rather dusty in Houston and as a result, dust and debris tends to enter our homes and cause loads of trouble.

However, did you know that the number one culprit of electrical device failure like major appliances such as TV’s, Refrigerators, and Computers is excess dust contaminating electrical equipment and causing failure of the units?

One easy way you can reduce this from happening in your home is to replace your air circulating filters on a regular schedule. Many people like to do this when they change their clocks (twice per year). By simply replacing the filters, the air inside your home will be much cleaner and less ‘dusty’.

This will keep all your major appliances working much better all year long as well as provide a healthier living environment in your Houston home.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans inside your home, our second item of home maintenance tips for Houston residents is to make sure you reverse the ceiling fans direction twice per year.

This also should be completed the same time you change your heating and a/c filtration system. Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch that allows home owners to choose the direction that their fans spin.

Here is the easy tip: if you are using your heater, make sure your ceiling fans spin in a clockwise direction.

If you use AC and are trying to cool the house, make sure the blades spin counterclockwise. This will reduce energy used for heating and cooling your home.

Clean the Gutters

This is a great way to keep your roof from collecting standing water–and as such is the third of our home maintenance tips for keeping your roof from needing costly repairs.

When water collects on a roof, it tends to seep into the roof shingles, which eventually causes the roofing materials to wear out sooner than they should.  In a recent article written by HomeTips, by having your gutters routinely cleaned they protect siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and help prevent flooding in basements. Clean your gutters and make sure there is no blockage on the roof. This way, you’ll easily maintain smooth drainage on your roof.

By following these three simple home maintenance tips for your Houston home, you’ll save a lot of money on unwanted repairs. You’ll also save on things like electric bills and have a healthier home to live in year round.

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