Home Presentation: How to Show Your Home to Qualified Buyers

Home Presentation: How to Show Your Home to Qualified Buyers

One of the most stressful parts of selling a home is presenting your house to qualified buyers. Below, we list a few important considerations when showing your home yourself.

Always Remember Safety is a Priority

The first thing to remember when showing your home to any potential buyer is to consider your personal safety. At no time should you allow anybody into your home without setting an appointment first. Anybody who is honestly interested in buying your home will contact you either through the advertisement and set up an appointment or through their real estate agent.

Many criminals often use ‘for sale’ signs as a target for home invasions and robberies. As such, the first thing we recommend is to always show your home by appointment only to ensure they are qualified buyers and that you have a third party available for protection.

Make Sure the Front Yard is in Perfect Condition

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. And in showing your home to any qualified buyer begins when they roll up to your house. The first thing they will see is your outside appearance. It is vital that your front yard be meticulous in condition. This includes making sure the lawn is freshly cut.

Additionally, make sure you put trash and trash cans away and remove any oil stains from the driveway. This might take some elbow grease and time… But if you have a bad first impression, the sale is often lost before they enter the house.

Make sure Your Interior is Spotless

Just like the outside, when you plan on showing your home to a qualified buyer you need to ensure the inside of your house is also in perfect condition. There can’t be any clothing lying around, no clutter, no kid’s back-packs, purses, jackets or loose materials sitting on couches, chairs or other furniture. Your house needs to be a museum in order to make a positive impression.

Remain as Quiet as Possible

The last thing you should remember is to follow the good old rule that silence is golden. When any qualified buyer comes to visit, make sure to introduce yourself, but keep the conversation to a minimum. If they have questions, answer them in brief and easy to follow answers. Although you are trying to convince them to purchase your home, this is never done through traditional salesman tactics. So no matter if you’ve got the golden gift of gab, it’s always best to keep the conversation to a minimum when showing your house to a qualified buyer.

Following these four basic tips is critical for showing any home to a qualified buyer. However, even if you’ve done everything to the best of your ability, it’s very hard to sell a home in a down housing market. As such, you might consider working with home investment companies who pay top dollar for all types of properties. This is an easy process that requires none of the above stressful and time consuming procedures of showing your home to qualified buyers.

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