Home Selling Tips for the 1st Time Home Seller

Making the decision to sell a home is one that often comes with more questions than answers. When you’re getting ready to sell your property for the first time, the process seems complicated and stressful.

However, it doesn’t have to be as it seems.

In order to help with selling your first home, here are a few home selling tips for Houston.  These tips are practical and easy for anyone and ensure a quick and smooth sale.

2 of the Most Important Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Houston

Price Your Home Realistically Before You List in MLS

One of the biggest mistakes that any new home owner makes is they tend to list their home for more money than it will realistically sell. And sometimes, believe it or not, Real Estate agents make the same mistake. This is due to several reasons including:

  • New home sellers and Real Estate agents want to maximize the profits of their home sale. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy. However, the most important thing that both the first time seller and the agent should keep in mind… The reality is that if your house is listed on the MLS, the most visits tend to occur in the first few weeks the property is listed. For a quick home sale, make sure that the price of your property is competitive. Your agent can help you recent sales of properties like yours in the area. Properties similar to yours are called “comps”, short for comparables.
  • Some real estate agents believe in listing high and having wiggle room for price negotiation. This methodology often doesn’t work out well for sellers. In fact, if the house is over priced, it will tend to reverse the impact for the home seller. People won’t visit and the property tends to be listed for longer periods of time.

Be Prepared to Make Adjustments to your Property

Another common misunderstanding for new home sellers is that they are not quite ready to make adjustments to the property in order to achieve a quick sale.

This includes:

  • Ensuring the house in tip-top shape. Whether you have many children or live alone, maximize your potential for a quick sale by making sure your house looks great at all times. Once your house is listed on the MLS, an agent is likely to visit at any time. Most frequently with just an hour or two of notice. For this reason, keep your house clean, fresh and 100% clutter-free.
  • Fixing broken or worn down home appliances and important home materials prior to listing your home. One quick drawback that any new home buyer considers involves if a house shows signs of proper maintenance or if noticeable flaws in the home and its appliances exist. This puts forth a negative vibe about the overall condition of the property and will most likely cause your home to be on the market longer than you’d like.

Other Selling Resources

These tips are very helpful for first time home sellers. If you would like to see more tips for a first time home seller visit realestate.msn.com .

When you stick to these easy to accomplish home selling tips in Houston, your ability to sell your first property will become a much easier endeavor. To reduce the stress of selling the house and ensure it closes as quickly as possible, consider  a company like Big State Home Buyers. We have the experience helping people in the same situation.

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