How Much Did My Neighbor’s House Sell For? Sell Houston House

Living amongst your neighbors, its hard not to notice when a house goes up for sale and its easy to be curious about how much they sold their house for. After all, if you want to sell a Houston house in the near future, this may be a good way to determine what to ask for when you decide to sell, right?

You could always just walk right up to the seller and simply ask but not everyone is willing to share their financial information, or they may not want to reveal the true value fearing it would sound too low so they could make up a number.

Check Zillow and Other Websites for Data

You’re next option would be to websites such as Zillow. These websites provide estimated sales prices as well as what a house sold for; although the update time tends to run a little slower. If you see a sold sign go up on your neighbors yard, you won’t be able to immediately search the Internet and find that information. Keep in mind, although it may say sold, it doesn’t mean it’s made it to the closing table so there is still a chance that it does not go through.

Check County’s Recording Office

Another way to research this is by going down to your county’s recording office and look up the deed. Typically there will be the amount of sale on the deed and it is considered public record so there is no need to worry that you are doing something illegal.

Calculate How Much They Actually Made

Now once you find out what the sold price is, keep in mind it doesn’t mean they actually walked out of the closing with that amount in hand. They had to pay 6% in commissions, standard closing costs, possible contributions to buyer such as carpet allowance, etc., If you are simply interested in getting an idea of the price range in which the house was sold, you can simply contact a realtor to perform an analysis of the area. They would be able to tell you the general range.

Keep in mind there are a variety of factors to consider once you obtain this information. Maybe your neighbors house sold at $150,000 but it had all hardwood floors, updated kitchen with granite, brand new A/C unit and a roof that was only 5 years old. If your house still has the original kitchen with Formica countertops, carpet, old A/C unit and old roof then you would not be able to sell your house for $150,000. At that time you would want to decide whether or not putting in the money to get all of those things is worth it in the end or if you should sell your house “as-is”. Remember, our company specializes in buying houses in “as-is” conditions and we can provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer. Start your research today!

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