How To Sell Your House to an Investor in Houston

We recently wrote a post about why someone would want to sell their house to an investor in Houston. If you have decided to sell your house to an investor, what should you do next? Below are some tips regarding how to sell your house to an investor in Houston.

Do Your Research

First of all, make sure to do your research. Use resources such as Google to look up any information. Look up the Houston investor’s or company’s credentials. If you can find any user reviews that would be useful.

Google is a great place to start. Doing a search for something like “home investors in Houston” will bring up many companies for you to investigate. Check out their social media as well, as many times you can see what other people are saying about the company (and to the company…)

Consult with a Trusted Advisor

sell-house-to-investor-300x199Talk to a trusted advisor, maybe a friend, neighbors who have recently sold or bought a home or just any people in real estate that you may know. Ask them to help you review any information you found about an investor who is interested in buying your house, or better yet, if they have any recommendations for you. A trusted advisor can also help you decide whether selling your house to an investor is the best option for your situation.

Contact Property Investment Companies

Contact property investment companies in your area and inquire whether there is any interest in your home. You can start by contacting the companies that turned up in your google search. Keep an eye out for customer service and good credentials. Many people find the Better Business Bureau to be a good resource.

Choose an Investor or Company

quick-cash-offer8The last and final step is to choose an investor or company (such as Big State Home Buyers) to sell your home to. Companies such as Big State, work with investors who buy houses to rehab, rent, or resell. No matter the condition of the house, or what your situation is, there are cash buyers who are interestedin your property. They can often complete closing in a matter of days. All in all, the research that you have done should give you peace of mind and help you make the best decision for your particular situation.

Do you have a property you are considering selling to an investor? If so, fill out our Quick Offer Form for a no obligation offer on your house within 24 hours.

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