Tips on How To Sell Your House to an Investor

We recently wrote a post to help sellers answer the question, “Should I sell my house to a home investor?” The article discusses various advantages of selling to a company instead of listing with a realtor, one of which may be the reason you decided an investor is the best option for you. With that decision made, you now want to know how to do it.

Do Your Research

In order to sell your house to an investor, the first step is to do your research. Begin by finding a few reputable companies to review.

Google is a great place to start. Doing a search for something like “home investors in Houston” (replace Houston with the city your house is in) will bring up many companies for you to investigate.

Look for local home investors rather than the national companies. (See 6 reasons you should sell to a local home buyer.) After selecting a few, it is time to research each one.

Research to Find the Best Home Investor to Buy Your House

Search for each investor by company name at the Better Business Bureau. The BBB record will show if the company is an accredited business, its BBB rating, any complaints, and other business details. If a BBB record for the company is not found, cross that one off your list and move to the next one.

After reviewing records with the BBB, use resources such as Google again to search for reviews of each company still on your list. Read them. Don’t be alarmed if you see a few negative reviews, as it’s common for any business, but if a business has an overall review rating of 2-3 out of 5, cross it from your list.

Check out their social media as well, as many times you can see what other people are saying about the company (and to the company…).

As you go through your list, one or two investors will likely stand out. Contact them with any questions you have about the selling process. A reputable buyer/investor will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you receive a quote, make sure you are under no obligation to accept it at this point, not until you’ve made a final decision. Also, it is important to be sure there are no hidden fees. Many of the home buyers out there today offer a higher sale price, but also charge hidden fees.

Consult with a Trusted Advisor

Sell house to an investorAll in all, the research that you have done should give you peace of mind and help you make the best decision for your situation. However, before committing to selling your house to an investor, you may want to talk to a trusted advisor, maybe a friend, neighbors who have recently sold or bought a home, or just any people in real estate that you may know.

Ask them to help you review any information you found about an investor who is interested in buying your house, or if they have any recommendations for you. A trusted advisor can also help you decide whether selling your house to an investor is the best option for your situation.

Choose an Investor or Other Home Buying Company

Get a cash offer within 24 hoursThe next step is to choose an investor or company (such as Big State Home Buyers) to sell your home to. Companies such as Big State, work with investors who buy houses to rehab, rent, or resell. No matter the condition of the house, or what your situation is, there are cash buyers who are interested in your property. They can often complete closing in a matter of days.

Before agreeing to sell, make sure you understand the selling process, what to expect.

The Selling Process

While each company will have their own process, Big State’s process includes 3 simple steps:

  1. Contact us and tell us your story.
  2. We’ll visit for a free assessment and provide a no-obligation fast cash offer.
  3. Get a quick closing and your cash when your house closes.

It’s that easy!

Get a Home Investor in Texas to Buy Your House

Do you have a property you are considering selling to a home investor in Houston, Dallas, Austin or San Antonio area? If so, fill out our Quick Offer Form for a no obligation offer on your house within 24 hours. Additional information about how the process works is also provided.

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