How to Sell Your House Yourself: Part Two

How to Sell Your House Yourself: Part Two

We received a comment of Facebook that our previous article on how to sell your house yourself seemed biased. In all fairness, it probably is! But while we are in the business of buying homes, we are also in the business of helping people. So, here is part two, which will attempt to give you some more useful and helpful information.

Pricing your House for Sale

In our last article, we mentioned that you should complete a competitive analysis to help you price you house correctly. You can use the MLS listings, but as we said, the actual home prices on the MLS are only viewable with a paid upgrade.  Research the prices of homes similar to yours. Use the internet and do some searches regarding properties and the market in your area. Ask around and get people’s feedback. Or, simple Google “how to determine the value of your home” and you will find helpful articles like this (click here) that have some other great resources for valuing your home.

One factor regarding the value of your home is its appearance. Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your house yourself, you will need to show it. So, it will need to look updated. This involves a good spring-cleaning and de-cluttering, but it would also help to have your home organized and modernly updated. Don’t be afraid to use some color. Make sure the rooms are easy to navigate. Remember less is more; don’t over-decorate creating clutter. This could be an entirely separate post. These tips are just suggestions to get you started.

Paperwork and Legal Aspects of Selling Your house

We also mentioned that you should prepare for filling out your legal paperwork. While it will require additional expense, hiring a real estate attorney would help you navigate through closing a house in Houston and the required paperwork. We mentioned a few of the forms needed.

This website actually has some of these downloadable for free, as well as some of the steps involved in closing. Again, this could be an entire post on its own. Leave us your comments and your questions so we can address your needs. Here is another great and thorough article regarding closing costs and needs.When you negotiate the price of your home, always start a little higher than you think is the value, and make sure to round down to the nearest ten. For example, if you want to list your house as $130,000, we recommend stating the sale price as $129,000. Stores do this to us consumers all the time. Rather than $2.00, we usually see things for sale for $1.99. The reason? It works! People see a smaller number, and even though it’s minimal, it still consumers psychologically despite our logic!

Negotiating the Sale

Lastly, we mentioned negotiating the sale. We left out something very important: finding someone to buy your home! Lawn signs are a simple and effective way to get people’s attention. You also want to make sure to have open houses to show your home. You can also list your house on the MLS to get more exposure. The more people see your house, the better! It’s a sellers market in Houston.

While navigating through selling your home yourself can be complicated, it can also be a worthy investment of your time.

Recently I interviewed a woman who happily sold her house to us. We will be posting her story in a couple weeks, but let me tell you: she has sold houses on her own before. This time, however, she came to us to sell her house. She knew what was involved, and while she was capable and knowledgeable, she just wanted to sell her house fast. Selling your home on your own is worth it! But it does take time.

If you don’t have time, or if you simply want cash for your house in 30 days or less, then selling your house to us might be the best option for you. For more information, give us a call and we will give you a no obligation offer within 24 hours of your call.

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