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Many people in Houston think that home buying companies naturally have an antagonistic relationship with real estate agents, but Big State Home Buyers has found this is not true for us. In fact, we even have an article regarding how to choose the right agent for you.

We work with real estate agents in several ways to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Big State Buys Bad Listings

Most people choose to sell their house through an agent because they want to make the most profit possible when selling their home.

But what if you can’t sell their home?

For example, some houses won’t qualify for an FHA loan or they will not look good on the MLS. Some sellers can’t afford to fix up their houses for showings and photos. Do you really want to be responsible for listing a property that you know won’t make money? I’m sure you’ve had clients that think their house is worth a certain amount…but you KNOW it will never sell for that price. I know agents who attempt selling at the price the seller wants, only to have to lower the price later.

Working with us will prevent agents from having to be the bad guys.  You don’t have to tell them the heartbreaking news that their house is worth far less than they think.

If you have a client with a property that you feel is a bad investment of your time, we can help. We pay a minimum referral fee of $500.00. While we assess our acquisitions on a case-by-case basis, sending the sellers to us could be a good way to save your own time and resources, while still being able to make money in the transaction.

Save Time While Maintaining a Relationship with Good Clients

Let’s face it: it takes time to list properties on the MLS. One of our specialists says it takes her almost two hours. I just want to reiterate that referring the seller to us can save you time. We are on your side: we won’t take it on unless it’s a good deal for everyone involved. Don’t spend time working on a property you can’t or don’t want to sell.

Referring these “problem properties” to us is also a good way for agents to keep otherwise good clients. For example, some agents have clients who sold or purchased $500,000 homes. Then two years later, they inherit an outdated property from a deceased family member. While you are capable to help them, it’s not the kind of thing that’s right up your alley.

If you usually work with high-end properties, you probably don’t know how to market a property that might sell for $30k. Frankly, it may not be worth the time to you to do so. If that is the case, let us be a resource for you. Sending the client to us will allow you to still be paid a minimum of $500.00.

Venue for Investor Base

Lastly, the relationship can also be a venue for your investor base. Researching properties on the MLS for investors is time consuming. If you send clients to us directly, we will already have researched and acquired the good deals. For more information, visit

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