I Sold My House for Tax Purposes: Big State Testimonial

I Sold My House for Tax Purposes: Big State Testimonial

photo-copy-2-268x300When I decided I wanted help selling my house fast, I turned to the internet and searched: “quick sale of real estate”. Two other similar companies showed up in the search along with Big State Home Buyers. I called all three and all three of them came up and looked at my property.

Big State Put An Offer In Writing

Brian’s firm was the only firm that would put their offer and their dealings with me in writing. They were the only ones that would send me an email and not just call me on the phone. Brian Spitz, the owner, was eager to respond to any and all questions I had. For me to have a clear picture of the process of the transaction, it is very important for it to be described not only verbally, but in writing as well.  Reps of Big State were more than willing to put the transaction into written form.

Their willingness to do this spoke volumes to me.

The House Walk Through

Alicia, one of the acquisition specialists, came out and looked at the house. She looked around. She wasn’t there very long, but she did talk to me about the methodology behind third-party real estate transactions. I had sold houses to realtors on numerous occasions in the past.  This was my first time to be a part of what I considered a triangular transaction by involving a third-party investor, so all of this was new to me.

Big State answered all of my questions extensively, which really simplified the process. They answered all of my questions FAST.  I work in insurance, so I am used to responding to my clients immediately. If someone is in an accident, they need information right now. So, I was looking for that and found that at Big State Home Buyers.

The Communication Process

The speed and efficiency of response to phone messages, emails and inquiries was exceptional. When they say they are going to call back, they did. When they gave me a time they would contact me, they did.

I had a lot of equity in the house, so I could afford to take a little less in the house. Additionally, I needed to sell my house in the first quarter of 2013 for tax purposes, and everything went exactly into place precisely as planned. I was making money managing it as a rental property, but renting out didn’t achieve my goal. My goals were to liquidate the asset, eliminate my debt, and do so in time to receive certain tax benefits. It also helped pay for my son’s college tuition.

I sold houses before and knew what the process looked like. I didn’t want to find a buyer for the house. Alicia told me that they usually tell people a couple months, but she knew my house was going to sell fast because of its great condition. I signed the paperwork in mid February, and the house sold by March 22nd!

Philosophy Of A Quick Sale

The company followed through with what their website promised. Big State’s competitors have a lot to learn from owner, Brian Spitz’s business philosophy. It means a lot to me that the owner himself spoke to me in the website’s video. The other websites I looked at were really dry, standard and boring.

From beginning to end the process of dealing with Big State Home Buyers exceeded expectation and achieved the intended goals with professionalism and exceptional follow-through. I can without reservation recommend Big State to anyone interested in selling real estate quickly and with a dependable, responsible, and reliable organization.  Thank you.

Laura Schick

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