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How We Can Help Sell an Inherited House

  • Can sell without a will
  • Facilitate communication between family members
  • Flexibility and sensitivity with current tenants
  • No need to go to probate
  • Get cash in hand quickly without paying for a house you don’t want
  • Flexible timeline

If you recently inherited a house and do not plan to live in it or plan on others living in the house, then you are probably wondering what the steps are to sell that house. Often, when dealing with selling an inherited house, many decide to sell to an investor sue to expenses and timing.

There are a few important actions to take in order to educate yourself on selling an inherited house. If you are the executor of an estate, the will of the deceased needs to be filed in probate court and from that point a judge will determine the validity of a will. It is important at this time that you take the time to educate yourself on the status of the home and take the necessary actions needed to verify ownership of the home and other beneficiaries.

This process can be a complicated one unless the will very explicitly states how much of a property each beneficiary owns. People may disagree on either keeping the property or selling and other issues that come up.

Big State Home Buyers can assist executors of an estate with the will of the deceased and next steps to take in court. This can be especially helpful when the will is not explicit on property ownership. For example, if you are a surviving spouse, the process is usually very simple because ownership is simply transferred to your name. However, in most cases, there are many aspects of selling an inherited house that should be considered.

Big State Home Buyers can aid in facilitating communication between family members, working on a flexible timeline and other intricacies that go into selling an inherited home.

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