I Inherited a house in Texas, but there’s not a Will. What do I do?

I Inherited a house in Texas, but there’s not a Will. What do I do?

What to Do in Texas

The state of Texas, and actually every state, has its own course of action that is required in order to sell a property that you have inherited. Unfortunately, a verbal or previous conversation you may have had the now deceased party is not enough to stand on its own. There is a legal process in which must be followed in order to properly inherit the property and sell. Have I bored you yet? Well I don’t blame you. This process can be complicated, time consuming and just not fun. Good news for you is that Big State Home Buyers can take of all of this.

Heirship of Affidavit for Inherited Houses

An heirship of affidavit is required whenever there is not a Will present. We collect information from the seller, we input into the heirship questionnaire form and then deliver to the title company so they can begin the process of reviewing and drafting the heirship of affidavit. We maintain constant check-in and provide any added research, information that they may require.

Judgements and Liens

Depending on how many heirs there are, judgments and liens could possibly show up when the title is being processed. At Big State Home Buyers, our own in-house file processing team will do the research to either confirm or deny these judgments and liens, but a lawyer can also guide you through how to handle these. There are often times where heirs may be missing. In these cases, our file processing team will work to locate the missing heirs and get everyone together that is needed in order to complete the sale.

These requirements are often ones that a seller simply does not have the time to complete or research as you still have your own daily duties such as work, family, etc. Why not allow a company who specializes in buying properties without a Will assist you with this service?

The bottom line is, you can sell an inherited house without a Will, but you DO need a skilled specialist to assist with this. You can always use an attorney but that is the most expensive route to go and not necessary. Big State Home Buyers can facilitate the entire process and get you to the closing table as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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