Karen on Why I Sold My House to a Houston Investor

In this post, Karen H. shares her story on why she chose to sell her house to an investor in Houston. She also shares why she chose Big State Home Buyers.

When you say that you want to sell your home to an investor, most people probably think “foreclosure”. But that wasn’t the case with me.

The truth is that I just didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of the house anymore…

Why Karen sold her house to a Houston investor

Why Karen Sold Her House To An Investor

I lived in my house for fifteen years.  I loved the house and the low mortgage, but it was time for me to move on.

When you say that you want to sell your home to an investor, most people probably think “foreclosure”. That wasn’t the case with me.

The truth is that I just didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of the house anymore–particularly the unexpected expenses that always seem to pop up at the most inopportune times (plumbing problems, termites, that sort of thing).

My life circumstances had changed. There were some future possibilities that made me not want the encumbrance of ownership. I wanted to sell my house fast for cash. Additionally, I wanted to feel free to pack up and move anytime I wanted. Maybe even to move out of the country as my brother was doing. And I didn’t want the anxiety of waiting around hoping a realtor could find a suitable buyer for the house, never knowing when that might happen, and always having to keep the place looking perfect for prospective buyers.

The logical answer for me was selling to a home investor…

But which one?

Choosing A Home Buying Company

I started my research by doing a Google search. Big State Home Buyers came up near the top of the search results, and I called them first. Since it was a Saturday, I didn’t really expect an answer when I called. But Brian, the president of the company himself, answered the phone and was ready to help right away. He asked me some questions (and answered all of my questions), and we arranged to meet at the house within the next few days–at a time that was convenient for me.

That concern for making things convenient for me was a running theme throughout the whole process with Big State Home Buyers, and it was one of the many factors that made dealing with the company such a pleasure.

Brian made a good impression on me during that first phone call, and even more so when we met at the house. He arrived promptly and was friendly and warm, yet professional. He had a refreshingly genuine, down-to-earth quality. I know this may sound corny, but I really got the feeling that I could trust him.

The Walk-Through Process

He walked through the house and made an offer quickly, but didn’t pressure me to make a decision right then. His no-pressure attitude impressed me–I saw it as one more example of his professionalism. He e-mailed me a contract right away so that I could study and consider it, and I promptly forwarded it to my brother, who knew much more about this sort of thing than I did.

My brother had warned me to watch out for certain “tricks,” but when he reviewed Brian’s contract, he was impressed and gave it the protective big brother’s stamp of approval.

Brian also politely asked that if I got another offer, that I let him know so he could have an opportunity to make a counter-offer, which is exactly what ended up happening.

Meeting With Other Investment Companies

I met with two other companies after Brian’s visit. My mother always told me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. So let me just say that dealing with those companies only served to cement the favorable impression I had of Brian and Big State Home Buyers.

By the way, the other two companies I dealt with had nothing but praise and respect for Brian. When even your competitors speak highly of you, that says something.

The Home Buying Process

Big State Home Buyers’ staff always offered to bring anything that needed to be signed to me–I never had to make even one trip to their office during the entire process. Also, any time I had a question, they made me feel welcome to call or e-mail, and they always either answered me on the spot or got back to me promptly. They delivered on every promise they made, and always right on time. If Big State Home Buyers were a hotel, they would be the five-star variety. The other investment companies I was considering at the beginning? Well, knock off at least a couple of stars for them!

Brian really went the extra mile for me. He offered to help in some unexpected ways which showed a lot of empathy for my situation. I will always appreciate that.

When you are stressed out, trying to move, going through a divorce, and dealing with health issues, this kind of service really makes a difference. Brian always asked me what would be easiest and most convenient for me, including the closing date. I can’t stress enough the excellent customer service Big State demonstrated in all of our dealings, from the first time I called them all the way through closing.

If you are thinking about selling your house to an investor, I highly recommend Big State Home Buyers.

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