Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas! For Men and Women

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you probably haven’t bought your significant other’s gift. Shame on you! But no worries, here are some last minute Valentines gift ideas to avoid turning tomorrow from Valentine’s Day to Single Awareness Day for you!

Flowers and Chocolate (Duh)

The most obvious Valentine’s Day gift is flowers and chocolate. Duh! I mean, if you hadn’t thought about this, you are hopeless. You might as well stop here and not read the rest of this blog. There are many grocery stores that will set up a tent in their parking lot days prior to Valentine’s Day filled with flowers and any V-Day related gifts. Just go there and knock yourself out, maybe even get a huge bear to appease your guilt for waiting till the last minute.

Book by Favorite Author

A more thoughtful gift you could get your significant other would be a book by their favorite author. This only applies if your partner likes to read. Don’t go buy them a book if it’s just going to sit on a shelf. If your loved one is a bookworm, this will be perfect for them or better yet get them a book of love poems. Any Barnes and Noble should have a romance/Valentine’s section that will be easy to chose from.

Make Dinner (Go Grocery Shopping!)

Another last minute thing you could do is go by the grocery store on your way home and make your loved one a nice dinner. After you are done reading this and keep procrastinating at work, go ahead and look up easy recipes. If you are the kind of person that cant even make mac n’ cheese, your best option would be to call a restaurant (maybe their favorite) and make a pick up order. Either way you do it, we all know the way to someone’s heart is through his or her stomach.

UnknownDiamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend…but other jewelry will do too. All women love jewelry. No doubt about that. There is even a song about it! “Diamond’s Are A Girls Best Friend” You could look up some jewelry during work and call a store and have them hold it for you. If you are completely lost, you could ask some of your co-workers for some guidance. Either way, you can’t ever go wrong with gifting some bling.

Video Message

You could make them a video message. You could even use your phone. Just make them a short 30-second video in which you tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Make it spontaneous! Don’t rehearse it! Just speak form the heart. It will be perfect either way.

Picture Frame

You could give him or her a picture frame with a picture of the two of you. Here’s the easiest way to do this. Go to Facebook, pick a picture of the two of you in which you both look good! Make sure they don’t already have this picture framed and save it onto a USB flash drive. Make your way to a CVS or Walgreens and print the picture and frame it. You can literally walk in, insert the USB, print the picture right away for about 50 cents and if you look next to the photo center, you will see an array of picture frames to chose from, BAM! DONE!

Looooooove Journal

Buy a nicely bound journal and write on the first page, sharing just one of the many things you appreciate about the man or woman of your dreams. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day gift the journal and that first romantic page. Promise to write in it often to remind them how much you appreciate them. They will love it!

Book a Room

You could book a room this weekend! Get away from the kids and the routine! Call around to local hotels and book a last-minute room for two. February is the off-season for travel in most places, so you should have no problem finding a boudoir for the night that will fit both your budget and your mood.

Entertainment Tickets

You could always buy tickets for a movie, show or any kind of entertainment. There is always something to do. Wine tastings, cooking classes, dance classes, etc. There are many things you could do as a couple. Buying a ticket for something in the near future saves you from having to find something to do last minute and you can just do it at a later time.


Perfume or cologne is always good. Everyone likes to smell good. Its one of those gifts that everyone appreciates. Once you finish one bottle you can move on to the next one. Many department stores sell perfume gift baskets around Valentines Day. Just swing by the mall and pick one out you know they will love.

So there you have it. Lets hope these ideas have helped salvage Valentine’s Day for you this year! Next time just don’t wait till the last minute, and if you do, just look back at this post!


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