Marketing Your Houston Home For A Quick Sale

Marketing Your Houston Home For A Quick Sale

Selling your Houston home yourself can be a challenge and take a lot of time, effort and money, but it can also pay off. Some sellers come to understand that the commission you thought you would be saving is not enough incentive to sell your property on your own.

A good way to start if you are selling you house is by making a list of  the things that must be done in order to generate interest. Here are some things to consider:

Home Photos

Yes, you are going to need a large of high-quality interior and exterior shots of your home. Prospective buyers have difficulty making a picture with your words. You can write a paragraph about a two story Tudor with large front and back yard, but one good exterior photo of the front and one of the back make it all real. And the same goes for the interior of your home. Saying you have an island kitchen with granite counter tops does not do your magnificent kitchen justice. It has to be seen in color to be appreciated.

As there are angles, lighting and juxtapositions in professional wedding or commercial photography, there are in the real estate market as well. This is part of how a company like Big State Home Buyers earns their commission. You have to be ever so careful about showing things like kids’ toys that haven’t been stored away, bushes or foliage that needs trimmed, dead tree branches, interior and exterior lighting, and minute details that make a home show well.


A professional realtor will have flyers made featuring a few of the good photos that were taken of your home. This flyer will list all the bedrooms, baths, living room, den, dining room, etc. It will let the prospective buyer know the school district, the property taxes, whether the home is gas, electric or both – all the details in one convenient location. When you contract with a realtor, they pay for the flyers.

Agent Tours

If you are selling your home yourself, you would not be hosting an agent tour or what some call a ‘roadshow.’ Your listing agent will invite selling agents who may have clients who could be interested in your home. Your agent will give them flyers, refreshments and a tour of your home pointing out all the good aspects. The selling agents then have first-hand knowledge of your property that they can report back to their customers. This broadens the prospective buying pool. Your agent hosts the tour and pays for all the expenses.

Signage & Open Houses

If you are selling your home by owner the best you can do is purchase a few FSBO signs and place one in your yard and hope to get away with posting one on a telephone pole somewhere near your home. A professional realtor will have professional signage in your yard and get permission to place signage other places in your neighborhood.

Your realtor will also sponsor Open Houses on the weekends. The event will be advertised and there will be signs and balloons in front of your home to create interest. Prospective buyers will be given a flyer and a tour while you are away taking it easy for the day. Your agent will have helped you stage the home so it shows better and given you suggestions on what to put away for the time being and what to add – like fresh flower arrangements. You do not pay for the cost of an Open House.


A company like Big State Home Buyers knows the best places to advertise. In today’s world most prospective buyers begin their searches on-line. Which website is best? How much does it cost? However, there are traditional home buyers who still look in newspapers under homes for sale. Would you place your ad in the main Houston newspaper or would you put in in the smaller community papers? Have you priced the classifieds lately? When you have a professional realtor handling the marketing of your home, you do not pay for advertising.

Marketing your home for sale can almost be a full time job. Utilize a combination of all these elements for getting your sale headed in the right direction. It is time consuming and it can be expensive. If time is of the essence, you will need help.

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