Mold Damage: Selling a House with Mold Problems

Selling a house with mold problems may seem impossible, but there are easy selling options available.

How We Can Help You Sell a House with Mold Damage in Texas

  • Options to sell a house as-is
  • No need to pay for expensive repairs
  • Provide clean-out options at little to no cost
  • Years of experience buying damaged property

Does Mold Affect Home Value?

Mold can potentially affect the value of your home. Depending on the severity, mold damage has an impact on selling your house in the traditional real estate market. If your home has fallen victim to flood damage and subsequent mold problems, you'll need a local home buying company with expert experience in real estate knowledge and house clean-up options – for little to no costs.


A home buying company, like Big State Home Buyers, will help you avoid expensive repairs that are required before selling in the traditional real estate marketplace. You'll have options to sell your house as-is.

Do You Have to Disclose Mold When Selling a House in Texas?

State laws may vary for the requirement to disclose mold and mold damage in the home. However, most states enforce mold disclosure laws regarding any damage to a house.

When selling a house in Texas, you must provide the buyer a disclosure of your knowledge of the condition of the property. If you are aware of any previous flooding / water penetration, it must be disclosed. You must also disclose any condition that could affect the physical health or safety of an individual. This would include mold. Texas’ new, expanded disclosure form is provided here.

To protect yourself against future repercussions, it's best to be honest and disclose any defects the house has, especially concerning mold. When selling a house with mold, include a mold disclosure in your disclosure notice.

What is a Mold Disclosure?

A mold disclosure is a statement documenting to potential buyers, knowledge of mold. Mold is caused by moisture and can be found anywhere. The disclosure informs potential buyers about any prior mold, mold damage, mold assessments, and repairs made. The disclosure may contain information about types of mold, health affects of mold, and information to make sure you aren’t responsible for future liabilities.

Selling a House with Mold Problems

You may be concerned that selling a house with mold damage due to flooding or other water damage is impossible. Consider a home buying company that specializes in buying damaged homes. It is possible to sell your home as-is, even with visibly extensive mold damage. Choose a trusted, local home buying company with experience in helping homeowners sell their homes as-is at a fair market price – and without the hassles of repairs and clean up.

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