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Moving is stressful enough as it is, but what if you’ve lived in the same location for many years, or are incapable of handling the move yourself? MaryLynne Cappelletti from specializes in move managing for seniors. She helps aging seniors pack and move to their new homes, and often, to their new their lifestyles as well.

Big State Home Buyers buys houses (at a discount) from people who need to sell quickly. Many of our clients are children of inherited houses and aging seniors moving to their next phase of life, among many other reasons. That is why we like to connect with people like MaryLynne who provide high quality service to our customers and potential clients.

More about Comfort Moves:

“Anyone can move boxes. We move lifetimes – honoring who you are and the memories you’ve made – to make every senior’s move efficient, worry-free and comfortable.

You have endless questions about your move…

Where to live…what to take…how to dispose of a lifetime of treasures and keepsakes that simply won’t fit your new space and lifestyle…how to say “yes” to help (and sometimes “no”)…what about packing boxes, finding a good mover, a good realtor, a good estate sale or worthy charity for donations…organizing and decorating your new home in the gracious and comfortable style you now enjoy…cleaning and closing the house left behind???

We have the answer. . .Comfort Moves!

When Ron and Eleanor decided to sell their longtime Houston home to move nearer the children and grandchildren, they found their answer at Comfort Moves. Whether you are relocating to a smaller home nearby or across the country, de-cluttering your current home to “age in place” comfortably and safely, or closing a loved one’s estate, moving is so much more than boxes and bubble wrap.

You need a consultant who knows the ins and outs of moving, a confidante who respects your concerns, hopes and fears, a friend (“rent-a-daughter,” as one of our clients once said) to manage the countless details that arise in every move. Call Comfort Moves to schedule a FREE in-home consultation. We will tell you what we can do to help and what it will cost. No obligation, and you’ll get lots of good advice just for inviting us into your home.

Interview Transcript

Brian:                  Good morning. Welcome. My name is Brian Spitz. I’m the president of Big State Home Buyers. Big State Home Buyers is a company that buys houses fast. It’s a seamless transaction from start to finish. We take care of everything, from inspecting the house to the closing. We do it around your schedule. We pay cash. We close quickly for people with all sorts of situations that lead them to need to sell their house. And one of the biggest reasons that people sell their house is because the house is either no longer a fit for their lifestyle or they’re aging out of the property and they need to find somewhere else to go.

Today, we’re talking with MaryLynne Cappelletti, with Comfort Moves. Comfort Moves is a company that helps people make that transition from start to finish. It’s another seamless organization that does everything from plan, to inventory that you have currently, to help you decide how to keep, what to keep – all the way to the move and plugging in the coffee maker. So it’s really turnkey.

MaryLynne:         And cleaning up the mess.

Brian:                  And cleaning up the mess. So, an awesome service and I don’t think there are a lot of people out there that do this or do it well. And so we talked about what you do and why there’s a need for it. And what I was thinking is that this is such a great service because this is a huge impediment to people making a transition. They don’t know what to get rid of. They don’t know what to keep. It’s hard for their family to devote the time to help them make the transition. And so, therefore, they end up staying in the house longer than they should. Or keeping the house long after someone’s passed away because they don’t know what to do.

And so, I wanted to hear a little bit about what you see, since you work with people in a different capacity but the same market. What are some of the challenges that you run into in your business, as well as how that relates to challenges with selling the house?

(0:01:43.6 – Challenges that Comfort Moves encounters)

MaryLynne:         Well, Brian, as you’ve said and as you experience when you meet the same kind of clients that we serve, just the thought of moving from a house that they may have lived in for twenty, thirty, forty years. They raised the kids there. Their friends are in the neighborhood. They go to church there. It can just be traumatic. It can actually just stop people in their tracks.

Brian:                  Right.

MaryLynne:         They may know they need to and actually want to live in a smaller community and perhaps, a community that has more supports. Or at least where they don’t have to mow the lawn and worry about the roof springing a leak.

Brian:                  Right. Cause there’s a lot of maintenance with keeping up with a house.

MaryLynne:         There’s a lot of maintenance with keeping a big house.

Brian:                  Especially an older house.

MaryLynne:         There’s a lot of expense for more space that you have to pay utilities for and it’s basically storage space. Our children’s things tend to stay around longer than our children do. And so there are the emotional and psychological barriers that immediately present themselves. There are also physical barriers. As we get older, we’re not as able to do things like put books in a box and tape it shut, as we were when we were younger. We certainly can’t lift and carry things.

And there are logistical challenges. We all know that moving is a very complicated, many-faceted process, usually over a period of time. And so one of the most important services we provide for our clients is not only explaining that process, but actually creating a calendar on which move day is the end of the calendar. And tasks that have to be done along the way are put right on there, so that, as one woman said to me recently, “I don’t have to wake up at 2 a.m. and wonder if things are happening.”

Brian:                  Right.

MaryLynne:         I know they are. I can check my calendar.

Brian:                  And so, going along with having a plan like that, a great supplemental service is knowing what’s going to happen to the house once all of it is executed.

MaryLynne:         Yes. Right.

(0:04:08.9 – Why consider Big State Home Buyers’ Service)

Brian:                  We were talking before about why, what common things you run into with your clients, as far as their discomfort with listing the house or whatever reasons there may be why they might want to sell it to a company like ours, rather than list it. Why this service might be a good fit for them. Tell us a little bit about those challenges.

MaryLynne:         Well, I think there are several challenges that a company like Big State can really help alleviate. One, and probably the most dramatic, is when there is a need to move quickly. Unfortunately, but it is often the case with our clients, that one or another spouse is failing in their health. Could be a stroke. Could be a fall and a broken hip. It really requires a move that probably wasn’t anticipated earlier.

Brian:                  Right.

MaryLynne:         So there is that timing and the ease of not knowing what the sale is, when it’s going to happen.

Brian:                  Knowing what the sale is.

MaryLynne:         So that’s one. For some older adults, the process of traditional home selling is not comfortable to them. Part of it is the nuisance of having to suddenly just pick up and leave the house and be gone for an hour or two.

Brian:                  Whenever someone wants to show it.

MaryLynne:         Whenever someone is going to show it. The other is just a little discomfort with the fact that strangers are going to be coming into the house that they are still living in.

Brian:                  Right.

MaryLynne:         So, again, there’s both the physical aspect of that and the emotional aspect of strangers coming in. Occasionally, our clients have just inherited the property when they have lost a loved one. They may be adult children who live all across the country and the property and the belongings have to be dealt with in the most efficient and effective way.

(0:06:18.4 – Having a level of compassion as a business)

Brian:                  And having, you know, one of the things we really try to emphasize, and I see that you do as well, is there needs to be a level of sincere compassion for the situation, because it is emotional. And one of the things that I see people do is they get, they may feel like the house is not as presentable as it used to be, or as they would like it to be. Or that there is maybe medical equipment in the house and they just, for whatever reason, they’re just not comfortable letting people in and out of the house. They don’t feel good about it. And so that’s one of the things that I think we both really try to focus on, is providing a compassionate service and understanding where these clients are coming from and their position and working around that.

MaryLynne:         Exactly. If you don’t have compassion, and frankly, in my business, if you don’t really appreciate. What is the best part of Comfort Moves, I meet the most wonderful people. I hear the most amazing life stories. And then I am able to work with them to provide a service that makes their transition out as comfortable and stress free and without anxiety as it can be.

Brian:                  I’m really, I’ve said it a couple of times, I’m really excited to get the chance to meet you and talk to you because, like I said before, this is just such a crucial service. This is such an emotional time for people and it’s just overwhelming. I know I’m going to move soon myself, and the overwhelming idea of doing that, you know, without having twenty or thirty years of stuff in the house is a lot of handle. Moves are one of the most traumatic things people do. They’re always a life event to move, so.

MaryLynne:         They are always a life event. And anything that we can do to make it easier to reduce some of the anxiety and trauma, and to make sure that the end result is walking into a new home and smiling and saying, it looks like home. That’s what we live for.

Brian:                  Perfect. Well, again, you can reach us, you can reach my team here at There is no cost. No obligation. We’re happy to evaluate your house and let you know how we can help. And we’re going to be really excited to start referring our clients to Comfort Moves, to MaryLynne, who is going to really be able to provide the service that people need, of making that transition. So thank you so much for joining us.

MaryLynne:         Looking forward to it, Brian. And I might say, if people want to know more, and they can contact me through the website as well.

Brian:                  Perfect. Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

MaryLynne:         Thank you very much.

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