Need to sell your Houston house fast? Video: How to Choose a Company

Do you need to sell your Houston house fast? I often see people posting about selling their house fast. Buy my house. Sell houses fast Houston. All these different terms. It’s hard to get really good information, especially information that has depth.

I wanted to ask Brian what his opinion was and if he could give us some real details about how to sell your house fast. What do you look for if you’re looking for a company that can sell your house quickly?

Need to sell your house ? How to Get Legit Information

Brian: Thanks, Alison. I’ve been investing in single-family real estate for eight years. Big State Home Buyers is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve bought and sold hundreds and hundreds of houses in Houston. And so I find it very interesting! I see what you’re saying. There are a ton of people that are trying to get into the house buying business.

Big State got into the market before the market fell. We learned a lot about Houston real estate and selling properties when the market was bad. And then we’ve taken all of those things that we’ve learned and applied all of our services and customer service principles to enhancing the company while we’re in a good market.

What you’re seeing happening right now is a lot of individual guys putting signs out on the road. Sending out mailers. You probably find yourself getting the same “sell your house fast,” “I need to sell my home,” “sell my Houston house” letter, over and over from different companies.

Why are there so many home buyers in Houston?

The reason why there are so many one buyers is because the market is so good. So many people think they want to get into real estate. They listen to one of these infomercials on how to make money fast. Take one of these courses. There’s a very low barrier of entry to the real estate world. To get a realtor’s license, you have to take classes and pass a test, but there’s really no other screening.

To get into the real estate investment business, you have to have a car and a sign and a camera and a contract. But to actually sustain and serve customers and create a true business like we have at Big State Home Buyers, it requires a lot of depth in the knowledge of what clients need: client services. At Big State Home Buyers, we referred three clients in the last month to a service that specializes in helping an aging person move from their home that they’ve lived in a long time to an assisted living. That’s just one of the many services that we offer because of all of the years that we’ve done this.

What is important when differentiating between home buyers?

It’s really important when you look up the words “I need to sell my house fast” or you see “house for sale” or “sell my house” bandit signs, “we buy houses,” when you see those things, call the number and yes, definitely talk to the person.

    • Ask them about how long they’ve been in business?
    • How many people they’ve helped?
    • Do they have client testimonials?
    • What are their specialties?
    • What do they know about clearing title issues?

There’s a lot that goes into really knowing how to serve people and getting their house closed quickly. And Big State Home Buyers is exceptionally good at doing that and there are other good companies, too, but again, you have to remember when you see this saturated real estate market, you’re going to see a lot of people who really aren’t educated or really don’t have the right ethics but can get into the business because there’s no barrier to entry. So you get a different level of service when you come to Big State.

If you are interested in selling your house or even if you’d like feedback about information that you found from other home buying companies, is full of information. We have hundreds of blog posts and some very informative videos and we’re on iTunes. There’s a huge amount of information that’s useful to you, whether you’re going to sell with a realtor, to an investor, for sale by owner.

Whatever you’re wanting to do, you can benefit from the information we have. And you can always call us for a no-obligation free consultation.

Alison: That’s right. Thank you so much.

Brian: Thank you.


Should you sell traditionally, or should you sell quickly for cash (at a discount)? In thisrelated video, Brian talks about when you should NOT sell to an investor.

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