How to Organize Your House Before a Move – Houston Interview With Tips

In this interview, Marilyn Satter from OrganizeMyWorld helps us understand how to organize your house before a move. If you are moving in or out of Houston, these tips are for you! Brian:         Hi. I’m Brian Spitz, president of Big State Home Buyers. We’re Houston’s leading company to go to if you want to sell your house fast. You can visit us at and receive a free quote within 24 hours on what we can pay for your property. And we also like to visit with people who offer services related to our business. And today we’re visiting with Marilyn Satter from Organize My World. And that’s And we want to talk a little bit about preparing for a move.

What Does an Organizer Do? (0:01:02.8)

So tell us a little bit about what you do and how you help people that need to move in or out of a property. Marilyn:      Well, thanks for having me, Brian. I appreciate you bringing me here. Well, when I work with people that are getting ready to move, the best thing that they can do is go room by room and start purging. Because you don’t want to move anything that is unimportant, things that you no longer want or need. You don’t want to pay to have them moved or you don’t want to pack them up, even if you’re moving yourself. Brian:         Right. Marilyn:      So I would say the first thing to do would be to purge. Then the second thing would be to declutter. After you’ve purged, you want to start decluttering. You want the rooms to get the clutter out of the rooms. And especially if you’re going to have people coming in looking at your home, you want it to be, this is where I would come in. I can help you get rid of the clutter. I can help you purge and declutter. And then with my staging background, I can help you get the home staged. And the main objective when you’re selling a home is to make it look like a model home, so when people come in to your home and it looks like a model home, then they can picture themselves living there. Brian:         Right. I’ve learned that. We stage all of the properties that we remodel and put back on the market, so at every price point, we hire professional stagers to stage it because then people can really see how the space works and furniture and they can visualize themselves living in it. And I find it very effective. Marilyn:      Yes. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a large home or a small home or a lot of space or a small space. It makes a big difference how it looks when it’s presented to the public. Because at that point, it’s a product.

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Brian:         Right. So tell me what is the most common thing that people have the most of to get rid of? Is it the clothes or paperwork or knick knacks or what do you see? What’s usually the first thing you look at that needs to go? Marilyn:      Probably papers. I think everybody is inundated with papers and they get to the point where they just don’t know what to do with all the paper, so they just start piling up. And I do a lot of paper management. And then besides paper, we have, yes, clothes. Clothes are a very big thing because it’s hard for people to get rid of clothes because they think that they’re going to wear it again. And even if, or it cost too much. I can’t get rid of it because I paid so much for it. And so yeah, clothes are difficult. Brian:         What is it people say? If you haven’t worn it in two years to get rid of it? Marilyn:      Most people say that. I’m not that rigid. I usually like to go with the person piece by piece and find out if they really like it, if they’re worn it and if they want to keep and, yeah, if they’re comfortable in it. If you really like this. If you don’t like it, then get rid of it.

What To Do With Papers (0:04:06.8)

Brian:         Right. That’s interesting. And so, what do you do with the paperwork? Do you find most people need to keep the papers that they have collected? Marilyn:      Most of the papers do not have to be kept. And there’s, by law, there are certain things that you have to keep and then other things that you can let go of. Which definitely, a professional, I can tell you what you need to keep and what you don’t need to keep and that makes a big difference because a lot of people are not sure what they can keep and what they can get rid of. So things just pile up and then I go through it and we sort it and separate it and then we set up a filing system. And then they have a place to put things when it comes in. And then I set up a system for them for, once we’ve gone through everything and got rid of the things that they don’t need, then I will set up a system so that when the papers come in, they can go through them right away. And they won’t pile up again. Brian:         Well, it’s a great service. It’s something that I think a lot of people would benefit from. As a matter of fact, after we finish this, she’s going to come take a look at my office and see if there’s help that can be had there. So again, you can visit us at We’d be happy to visit with you about what we can help you do if you need to sell you real estate. And you can visit Marilyn at Marilyn:      Yes. Brian:         Thanks so much. It’s good to have you. Marilyn:      Thank you, Brian.

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