Preparing an Older Home for Resale

If you’ve got an older home that you’re considering to sell, are you prepared to invest a lot of time and effort to ensure a profitable sale? With so many newer homes on the current market available for home owners to purchase, many older home owners are simply out gunned when compared to the vast options available to attract certain home buyers. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do in order to prepare the older home for resale that will put you on level ground with more attractive newer homes for sale.

Step #1 – Create a detailed checklist of Repair Items

The first step in preparing any older home for resale is to make a detailed checklist of items and areas that need to be repaired or upgraded in order to entice any home buyer. A smart idea is to visit a newer home for sale that is available for an open house to see what features and quality of interior items they have in each room. Once you compare the two, make a list of items that you should repair and upgrade. Some of these items include:

• Repainting the walls in each room to match décor
• Installing new carpet that will create a homey look and feel
• Refinishing cabinets so they are fresh and look appealing

These main three repair items are critical when you’re trying to compare your older home to a newer property.

Step #2 – Spend some time improving the landscaping outside

Another common area where older homes have to compete against newer properties is with the landscaping in both front and back yards. They say that first impressions are vitally important to the sale of any property. And the first area to make an impression on any new home buyer is the condition of the landscaping outside. Here are a few items you should consider fixing in regards to the condition of your yard:

• Replant grass seed or have new sod installed. Nothing looks better to a new home buyer than brand new, freshly cut grass in the front yard.
• Plant some colorful flowers and plants.
• Repaint any fences or exterior features that are not in perfect condition.

Step #3 – Clean up the Garage

The next important step to help improve that older home to compete against the newer houses on the market for resale includes the daunting task of cleaning up and organizing your garage and storage areas. Many people would rather have their teeth pulled than spend time organizing their storage areas, but according to most realtors, having a clean and organized garage tells the buyers that you’ve taken pride in your home and that the property is most likely in great condition.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to complete and more money and time that need to be spent in order to compete with newer homes. However, for those who are not interested in spending this much effort to potentially attract older home buyers, a smart alternative is to seek out home investment companies who pay top dollar for all types of properties – regardless of age or condition. This process offers you fast, legal, affordable and easy sales of homes and takes out the middle man or stress involved with traditional home sales.

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