Rachel Was Ready To Sell A House After A Flood 2 Years In A Row

Many Houstonians faced the problem of wanting to sell a house after a flood…

But how many of them flooded two years in a row?

While Rachel’s story is tragic, we also know its not unique. Many Houstonians and Texans were taken off guard by the massive, unexpected flooding several years in a row, and we know some, like Rachel, flooded multiple times.

The decision to sell a flooded house is a difficult one. Many families attempt to repair a house, just to have to repair it again.

We understand the complexities behind these decisions, and were happy to help Rachel move forward to a new chapter in her life.

But don’t take our word for it….

Read her story below.

My House Flooded Two Years In A Row

My name is Rachel Smith, and I live in Angleton, Texas.

We sold our house recently after living there for about ten years.


Back to back we flooded, two years in a row.

So after the second flood, we decided that we were going to sell the house.

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Selling My House To An Investor

We did some research about investors and people buying houses, and we ultimately decided to sell our house to Big State.

We spoke to other investors that weren’t as caring as Big State, and wren’t able to help us as much as Big State did.

Big State Home Buyers made the process so easy. They helped us with our mortgage company, with closing and everything else.

And overall?

We were very impressed with Big State.


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