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There are few events in life more grievous than divorce. Going through selling a house during the  divorce makes it even more trying – regardless of amicable or hostile environments. Ideally, you shouldn’t be delayed while your house sits on the market for months waiting for a buyer to respond. If you need to sell your house quickly during a divorce, Big State can intervene on your behalf to ensure a speedy closing and a fair cash offer that satisfies both sides. You can have cash in your pocket almost immediately, so you can move forward in life with new-found happiness.

Choosing Big State When Selling A House During A Divorce

  • We work with attorneys, banks, and lien holders to achieve your best solutions
  • One agent during the entire process to ensure you get the best cash offer for your house
  • Specialize in conflict resolution between attorneys, spouses, family members, and debtors

Can’t Afford Mortgage

Can’t Afford Mortgage

We assist when payments can no longer be paid and you need to sell

Court Forces Sale

Court Forces Sale

We can help you walk away gracefully with a fair cash payout

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

We work to help you secure a new home with fresh money in hand

Listen to Selling During a Divorce “Quick Tips”

Meet Brian Spitz: Selling A House During a Divorce

If you are getting a divorce in Texas, the first thing you need to do is decide how to divide your property and assets. Texas is a community property state. Separate property is anything acquired before marriage, but can include the following:

  1. Inherited property – If one spouse inherits a property solely in their name
  2. Gifted item or property – If one spouse is gifted an item
  3. Personal injury claims – If one spouse was injured during marriage and received a claim
  4. Anything you buy and deed as sole and separate property

Watch the video for full details. If you have questions about this video or about-facing foreclosure, call us at 713-909-4119 and talk to our foreclosure experts!

  • Brian Spitz, President, Big State Home Buyers



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