How do I Sell My Haunted House? Sell My House Houston

“Help! I need to sell my house! …and it’s haunted…”

If you are looking to sell your Houston house and you think it is haunted (or other people think it is haunted), then there are a few things you need to know before getting started. We did some research on selling haunted houses and came up with a few tips!

Do You Have to Tell People Your House is Haunted?

First of all, find out if you have to legally tell sellers. I know this sounds sketchy, but can you imagine how awkward it would be to tell someone your house is haunted? In all seriousness, even if you were honest and told them, they might not believe you. People have a wide range of beliefs around those kinds of things. If you do not feel people are in danger and your state laws do not require it, it might not be necessary to bring it up.

What if your house is NOT haunted, but you know that some people think it is? If this is your situation, don’t be shy about bringing it up. The best way to handle a misconception like this might be to make a joke about it, or bring it up in a light-hearted way. Let them know you know about the rumors, and try to put them at ease by assuring them that you know the house is not actually haunted.

Call a Specialist

If you think the house is haunted, you might want to get some professional help (For the house! For yourself too?)

Screen-Shot-2014-10-24-at-4.03.07-PMBefore calling or telling anyone about the haunting, check all common sense things first. If you hear noises – could it just be natural settling? I blame all weird noises in my house on my cats – seriously, they do the weirdest things. If you see strange shadows, do some investigating. Is the shadow consistent during certain times of the day? Try turing on and off lamps and experiment with the lighting. A curtain blowing in front of a window could look a lot like a creepy shadow…

Additionally, if you feel bad ju ju, don’t be too quick to blame it on evil. Some people and events carry bad energy. Think about it: if someone has a fight, you can usually feel the tension in the room afterward, right? If someone in your house is struggling and not communicating about it, you might be picking up on their awkwardness.

If you have already investigated all of these things and you still wake up to slamming doors or seeing your chairs stacked majestically in your kitchen, then consider calling a specialist.

Consider Changing the Address

Maybe the house isn’t haunted, but it still has a bad reputation. If your house is well-known for a murder or any other disaster, you can actually have the address to the house changed. This is obviously not the easiest solution, but it will help remove the stigma from the house, and people researching the house will be less likely to b e biased because of passed events.

This person had a haunted house and handled it in a pretty funny way:

Consider the Price

Lastly, consider lowering the price. We know this isn’t your first choice – but a house priced competitively makes a huge difference on the open market.

Another option for selling the house at a discount would be selling to a home buyer such as Big State Home Buyers. A home buyer with a good reputation can help you sell the house without having to have a lot of people ask questions or walk throughout your house. This could be a great option for a haunted house or a house with a bad reputation.

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