Sell Your Property In Texas Fast

If you’re looking to sell your property in Texas fast, there are two things you could do, you could try and sell it the traditional way or you could sell it to a wholesaler, such as Big State Home Buyers. Read below to see what steps you could take to ensure your house sells fast!

Make Your Home “Walk-Through” Ready

If you have decided to sell your house the traditional way there are many things you could do to ensure your house sells fast. First of all you have to put yourself in the mindset of a buyer. Think about what you would want to see of you went on a walk through. You probably wouldn’t want to see the current owner’s family portraits and their kid’s macaroni art projects all over the fridge, right? In order to make your house sellable you need to deep clean your house and get rid of all the clutter. Your walls need to be painted with a neutral color and you need to make sure any eyesores like stains or scratches are removed from all surfaces. Doing all these things will create a blank canvas for the potential buyers that go see your house and allow them to picture what they would do with the house. If you feel like cleaning your house isn’t enough, and you have the funds, you could hire a professional stager. A stager could make your house look as buyer friendly as possible. 

Price Your Home Right

Once you are ready to put your house up on the market one of the most important things you need to do is pricing your home right from the start. The first 30 days your home is on the market are the most important. Any time after that if your home hasn’t sold, it may give others the impression that people haven’t bought the house because there are problems with it. Many sellers think they should price their home highly and then price it lower if the house doesn’t sell, but that may also give the wrong impression that you may not be able to negotiate or that you aren’t too serious about selling your home. If you start at a lower selling price, it will most likely attract more buyers that will make a higher offer since they believe they are getting a deal.

Market Your Home

You need to be able to market your home. You could create a Facebook page with the property information and pictures and ask your friends to share the page with anyone they may know that is shopping for a new home. You could record a walk through of your home and post it on YouTube and social media. This could help you get serious buyers that like what they have seen in the video. 

Sell Through A Wholesaler 

If selling traditionally is not your best option and you are in a hurry because you are going through a divorce, have an inherited unwanted home or are trying to avoid foreclosure, you could sell your home fast to a wholesaler such as us! Big State works with investors who buy houses to rehab, rent, or resell. No matter the condition of your house, or your situation, there are cash buyers who are interested in your property. We move quickly; frequently we can have a cash offer for you within 24 hours. And we can often complete closing in a matter of days!

If you are looking to sell your property in Texas fast, you have two options, you could either sell your home traditionally or sell it through a wholesaler, either way selling your home fast is possible! 


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