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You took the plunge, you walked down the aisle, until death do you part and unfortunately…it didn’t work out.  Whether you are in the process of divorcing or have already finalized the divorce, the ex-spouse may still be in the picture when it comes to selling the house. So, what do I do if I am selling my house in a divorce?

Community Property – What Does That Mean in Houston, TX?

Texas is a Community Property State, which means each spouse will automatically have interest in the property.  If you are in the process of divorcing, be sure your attorney includes the legal description within the divorce decree.  Typically a title company will require your ex-spouse to sign if only the mailing address is stated.  If you have already finalized your divorce and it does not state the legal description within the divorce decree, then prepare to have your ex-spouse be required to sign off their interest.

Exceptions to Certain Property

There are exceptions to certain property.  For example, a property gifted to only one partner but not the other or an inheritance received by one spouse but not the other is considered a “separate” property.  There are several factors that come into effect when it becomes time to sell your property and although you may think there’s not any reason to involve your ex spouse, the real estate guidelines in Texas may require such.

Get Help Selling Quickly During Divorce

At Big State Home Buyers, we understand that this can be a little awkward and feel unnecessary, so we will make the arrangements we can in order to make it as smooth as possible.  For example, we can arrange for a mobile notary to visit the ex-spouse directly so that they won’t have to be at the same closing table as you.   Our Company is quite adaptable and willing to do everything legally possible but we also recognize that we must carry out everything legitimately and must obey all regulations.  Everyone has a story and our commitment to our clients is to stay focused on the end goal, which is to sell your house quickly with as much ease as possible.

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