Selling My Houston Home That Is Overrun By Pets

Selling My Houston Home That Is Overrun By Pets

No matter what anybody might tell you, having a pet is a key ingredient to living a well-rounded life. The exception to this is if you happen to be allergic to certain pets, but for the most part, the joy of having a pet or several pets provides many home owners with years of joy and happiness from child birth till the day they pass away. But, what do you do when your home becomes a haven for multiple pets and they overrun the house?

You need to know how to sell my Houston home…

Traditionally pet-run homes appear last on the list for traditional home buyers. Carpet stains, pet odor and damage, oh my! With the cost of replacing carpet skyrocketing, many home owners who love pets or own multiple pets find themselves in dire straits when selling their homes.

Tips to Getting Your Pet Friendly Houston Home Ready to Sell

Fortunately, there are several ways you can avoid the hassles of listing a property that has been occupied by pets and shows signs of wear and tear.

Determine Interior Repairs

Determine what Repairs Are Needed to Get the House in Tip-Top Shape for an Aggressive Sale

When you’re a pet owner, you understand the joys of pet ownership, but what about the pitfalls? From chewed up stair railing, having the carpet professionally cleaned because of the pet’s urine and or other waste, sometimes the damage to your home can be rather extensive. If listing a property, completely replace and repair all damaged areas. Make sure potential buyers find no signs of previous pet related issues.

This is why the first step for anybody wanting to sell a Houston home well-lived in by pets? Document any repairs needed. Then, estimate the cost for repairing all damage. Lastly, find out how much time and effort the repairs require and create a timeline for completing them.

Determine Exterior Repairs

Inspect the Front and Backyards for Pet-Related Damage

Once you’ve determined how much repair work needs to be done inside to remove all evidence of previous pet ownership, the next phase is to head to the back and front yard and inspect these critical elements to traditional home sales. Since pets do their personal business outside, sometimes damage is caused to grass, plants, concrete or backyard patios.

Most buyers are concerned with the yard ad landscaping in addition to the interior. Analyze how much repair work needs to be completed in the back yard.Make sure the back and front yards are in great shape as well.

Look for Additional Resources

Is your house and back yard beyond repair? Or will cost you more money than it’s worth?

In that case, great solution is to find a company that has the resources and ability to buy your home quickly. This helps sellers avoid the hassles of worrying about repairs and pet damage.

Simply put, when you’re wondering how to sell your Houston home that has been overrun by pets, sometimes the best solution is to find a way to sell the house “as is” – quickly and without hassle. Learn more about the Big State Home Buyers experience today when you call. They have been serving Houston residence for years and have an exceptional amount of experience helping people in similar situations sell their homes with little hassle to the seller.

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